2:73 Lego House

07-23-18_9-57-38 PM

Zaiden looked around Owen’s room He knew it would be a bit of a squeeze, but they could put the baby in there. But what about when the baby was older? Zaiden may not mind sharing if the baby was a little brother. But what if the baby was a girl? Owen probably wouldn’t like sharing his room with a little sister.

The best solution would be to let them have separate rooms. The problem was that there was no other room they could use. They had built a wall to close off the dining room to create Owen’s room. The only option left would be to add on to the house. Adding onto the house would mean a change to the landscaping.

He decided to talk to Raelyn before making changes. For how he could take care of the one thing he had been planning to do for awhile. He was going to move the graves from the side of the house to the small family cemetery on the property.

07-23-18_10-15-05 PM

After moving the graves, he looked at the two he placed in their own little corner.

“Who are you two?”

Since he now knew that they weren’t his parents, he wanted to know who they were. They could have families somewhere wondering why they never came home. He wanted to find out who they were so he could contact the families.

He made himself a mental not to ask his Uncle Collin. Since he helped his parents fake their deaths, he may know who these two were.

3 thoughts on “2:73 Lego House

    1. That is how he has always been. Offering his grilled cheese to the woman who had adopted him because she was upset, wanting to take care of his little brothers when they were at the orphanage…He definitely has his mother’s heart. She put Izaiah before her own happiness.

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