2:70 Time Marches On

07-20-18_9-53-27 PM

Owen unwrapped his gifts and thanked everybody. Socks and underwear hadn’t been on his birthday wish list so he was a little sad that every gift had been either socks or underwear. Not one toy. He would have even been happy with a new book.

“There are two more gifts. These are from your grandparents.

Owen mumbled something about it probably being more socks. That was why he was surprised when he saw what his parents had.

07-20-18_11-40-08 PM

“We couldn’t decide if you should have a kitten or a puppy so we got you both.”

Owen didn’t know what to say. He had asked his parents for either a cat or dog. They had said no.

“The kitten’s name is Socks.”

Owen looked at the tiny white feet on the kitten.

“It is wearing little socks.”

07-21-18_12-04-50 AM

“The puppy’s name is Roo.”

Owen looked at the pup.”It doesn’t look like a kangaroo.”

Tony smiled at his grandson. “Roo is short for Underroos.”

“Like the underwear?” Owen thought that then looked at his parents. “That was a sneaky trick.”

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