2:69 The Sound Of Silence

07-20-18_2-38-21 PM

Izaiah and Zaiden went together to visit Zander. His release date was coming up and they needed to discuss what was going to happen with his housing and treatments.

They had finally found a medication combination that worked well for Zander. He was once again able to act and function like a normal, healthy human being.

They also needed to figure out what was going to happen with Zander’s daughter, Alana.

07-20-18_2-38-50 PM

Izaiah and Zaiden both had been surprised to hear about Alana. Zander had never mentioned her before during any visits with him. Zaiden did remember seeing the kid though. He just thought she belonged to a staff member who had trouble finding childcare or something.

In the end, it was decided that Alana would live with her father, Izaiah, and Colleen. Zander would still attend therapy sessions every day as an outpatient.

Zaiden was going to help his parents get their house prepared for Zander and Alana. He knew they had most of the baby-proofing done and some of the furniture. That had been done for visiting grandchildren.

07-20-18_2-40-32 PM

As they were leaving, Izaiah looked up at the sky. “I never thought I would be getting a toddler room put together at my age.”

Zaiden could understand that. “I think Mom is going to love it.”

2 thoughts on “2:69 The Sound Of Silence

  1. Who is her Alana’s mother? Is it one of the other patients? Izaiah and Coleen will help out with her. It maybe good she is going to her grandparents house instead of Zaiden’s because I think Zander still has a little animosity against Zaiden.

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    1. Alana’s mother is one of the other patients. She was one of those surprises the game threw at me. Game is good at doing that to me. lol She is a cutie though so it’s good. And Zander takes great care of her. 🙂 Colleen will love having Alana there. Another chance to raise a child since she didn’t get that with Zaiden.

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