2:68 Still

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Since the trial was over and everybody was in jail, Izaiah and Colleen were finally able to move home.

They bought a home in Brindleton bay near Zaiden. Colleen wanted to be close to her son and his family. She had already missed enough of their lives. She didn’t plan to miss any more.

Izaiah came into the house to find Colleen. “Look who I found wandering around outside.”

Colleen smiled when she saw Raelyn and Owen. She picked her grandson up and hugged him close.

“We were taking a walk and Owen saw his grandpa. He wanted to stop and see you.”

“You both are welcome here any time. Where is Zaiden?”

“He is running errands right now. Hopefully he remembers the milk this time.”

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Colleen couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face. “His father is like that also. Even with a list to check, he always forgets something.”

Raelyn watched Owen play with the blocks on the floor. “I think part of it is that he is so easily distracted.”

Colleen nodded as she listened. “Izaiah used to be like that. He outgrew it. I am sure Zaiden will also.”

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“I sure hope so. It is annoying sometimes.” Raelyn looked at her mother-in-law. “Zaiden told me that you picked out his name. How did you come up with it? It is different. I had never heard it before I met him.”

“It was in a baby book that Izaiah bought when I told him that I was pregnant. It means lucky one. Seeing what he has now, I would say that the name fits him well.”

4 thoughts on “2:68 Still

  1. I never noticed it before, but my Godmother’s great grandson’s name is spelled Izaiah, with a z instead of s.
    I am glad to see the family is United. I am sure you can come up with more drama for this family.😉 Zaiden means, “Lucky One.” He is lucky. Wonder what Zander means?
    My real name means, Cinnamon spice in one English and new birth in another. What does yours mean?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My name means “follower of Christ.” Zander means “Man Warrior.”
      There is still a lot more drama coming. We are getting closer to the end of this generation though. There’s exactly 100 chapters in this one. I still have one chapter to write that I just haven’t been able to bring myself to write yet. Chapter 90. There’s drama before that though.


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