2:65 Population 4000 Minus 1

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Collin banged on the door of Zaiden’s house.

Zaiden opened the door glaring at his uncle. “Owen was sleeping. Banging on the door was not necessary.”

“Nelson is dead. You and that father-in-law of yours killed my son.”

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Zaiden sighed and tried to calm his uncle down. “I have not seen Nelson in a long time, Uncle Collin. Not since I paid off his loan for him. Whatever trouble he got himself in to, it did not involve Tony or I.”

Collin was still angry but no longer at Zaiden. He knew that his nephew wouldn’t lie to him. “Why would he do this, Zaiden? Why would he leave his wife and children like this?”

07-12-18_10-40-59 PM

Zaiden got his uncle to set down. “Uncle Colin, Nelson was deep in debt. I know it was more than what I paid for him.”

Collin looked at his nephew. “Thank you for doing that for him. I know he had an insurance policy. Maybe he did this to provide for his family.”

Zaiden knew that many insurance policies wouldn’t pay out for suicide deaths. He wasn’t going to tell his uncle that. He would make sure that Nelson’s family was taken care of.

4 thoughts on “2:65 Population 4000 Minus 1

  1. It was probably made to look like a suicide. Someone he was it debt with may how killed him and made it look like suicide. Nice of Zaiden to provide for Nelson’s family. I am sure if it was the other way around Nelson would not help Zaiden’s family.

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