2:64 One Night of Peace

07-12-18_5-55-30 PM

Zaiden and Raelyn had dropped Owen off with her parents so they could have a much needed date night. Zaiden had let her decide on their activity. She surprised him by wanting to go bowling.

They had fun and was able to forget about everything for awhile.

It had been a long time since either of them had been bowling and it showed. They didn’t feel too bad about it since Daniel and Kaitlyn weren’t doing much better.

07-12-18_5-59-44 PM

“We should do this every week.”


Daniel shook his head. “Hang out. Just spend time together. I miss my little sister.”

Raelyn gave him a funny look. “Are you feeling alright? You never wanted me around before. You called me a pest.”

“You are still a pest, but not as bad as you used to be.” He gently tugged a lock of his sister’s hair.

“Hey!” She batted his hand away. “Just for that, Zaiden and I are going to kick your butt.”

Daniel laughed. “You’re on.”

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07-12-18_7-31-53 PM

Zaiden stopped Raelyn from going into the house. He handed Owen to her and the car keys.

“Take Owen back to your parents’ and stay there.”

Raelyn saw that the door was partially open. She backed away.

“Come with us.”

“I am going to call the police and wait for them at Aunt Diana’s. I will call your father and tell him you are on the way.”

Raelyn kissed Zaiden’s cheek. “Don’t do anything stupid, Zaiden. Please.”

Zaiden kissed his wife and son. “I love you both. Now get going.”

He waited until the car was out of sight before doing inside. He pulled out the gun that Tony had given him in private as a wedding gift.

07-12-18_8-03-17 PM

He didn’t get far inside before he felt the gun in his back. “Tell your parents that we will finish the job. The list of names has grown. They are to blame.”

Zaiden felt the blow to his head then felt nothing as everything faded into blackness.

07-12-18_8-13-31 PM

Zaiden opened his eyes and saw Tony’s face looking back at him. “About damn time.” He helped Zaiden set up. “What in the hell happened?”

Zaiden told him about the visitor and what was said.

Tony waited until he was finished to make a few phone calls. He called Izaiah first to let him know what happened. He made a few more calls before turning his attention back to Zaiden.

“Let’s get you over to my place. You can stay there tonight. I have men coming to take care of things here.”

8 thoughts on “2:64 One Night of Peace

      1. Some brain is better than no brain. Looks like they stepping on a few toes. The people responsible for all or this will soon show themselves and then it will be over.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Still feeling the fall out of the Colleen stuff. Izaiah releasing the diaries didn’t help matters. That is what the attack was about. The two of them returning to see their grandson brought attention to the fact they are still alive.


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