2:63 Ocean Front Property

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Zaiden hugged his parents. They were going back to South America. He didn’t want them to leave but he knew they had to for everybody’s safety.

“As soon as Owen is able to travel, we will visit.”

Colleen had tears in her eyes as she held her grandson. “You better send us pictures every day.”

Raelyn nodded. “We will.” She took Owen from her. “We will tell him about the wonderful jungle guides his grandparents are.”

Izaiah and Colleen left for the airport. Tony had a couple of his men taking them for their safety.

Raelyn held Zaiden’s hand. “You will see them again, love.”

“I know. It’s just hard to see them go.” He walked back into the house with her and watched her put Owen in his bassinet.

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“You never had time with your mother as a child, did you?”

He shook his head. “We were separated a few hours after I was born. I don’t remember much of my first few years. I was given to a couple a few days after I was born. I was a year old when they had their own twin boys. They went to jail soon after and we were all sent to the orphanage. That is where my Aunt Diana and Aunt Paisley found us. They adopted all three of us. I lived there for a few months before going to live with Dad, Callie, and Zander.”

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“That isn’t a very good childhood. I understand now why you ended up with Rowana and stayed until Hope moved out.”

“I wasn’t going to let my little sisters go tot he orphanage or be separated.”

Raelyn moved closer to her husband. “The care and concern you have given to your sisters, Zander, and Patrick, shows me the kind of man that you are. You are kind, caring, and put others before yourself. That is exactly the kinds of man I want for my husband and the father of my children.”

07-11-18_6-43-13 PM

She kissed him softly. “Our son is sleeping and our guests are gone. How about the two of us going upstairs and not sleeping?”

5 thoughts on “2:63 Ocean Front Property

  1. Hopefully, it will not be long before Zaiden’s parents can see his little family anytime the wish.
    Tragedies in one’s life has a lot to do with how they react in certain situations. Zaiden tragic pass made him the man he is today.

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