2:62 One Call Away

07-06-18_3-42-56 PM

Izaiah sat in Tony’s office. The two had been friends since they were kids. Zaiden marrying Tony’s daughter made him both happy and worried.

“Thank you for looking out for my kids when I can’t.”

“They are good kids. I just wish I would have been able to keep that woman away from them.”

Izaiah didn’t blame Tony for that. “You gave Zaiden the information he needed to get free from him. I am grateful for that.”

“My daughter was in love with him. I like to give her what she wants. Thankfully he was also in love with her. I would have hated having to tell her that she couldn’t have him. It was hard enough telling her that she had to wait for his mess to be taken care of.” Tony leaned back in his chair and smiled as he thought of the kids. “They are a good match for each other. Who would have thought that our children would unite our families?”

07-06-18_3-57-57 PM

“My niece did marry your son Daniel.”

Tony nodded thinking about his daughter-in-law. “Kaitlyn is a very beautiful young woman. She has been a good match for Daniel. They have given me some very beautiful grandchildren.”

Izaiah thought abut his newborn grandson. “Our families have done well.”

Izaiah nodded. “Hopefully we wont be away as long. I would like to see Owen grow up.”

07-06-18_4-12-22 PM

“Zaiden and I will track down the person responsible. I would like my friend back.”

Tony walked around his desk and hugged Izaiah. “Have a safe trip back. You will be home again soon.”

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