2:61 Now Or Never

07-04-18_8-18-12 PM

Zaiden picked his parents up at the airport. They were happy to be home and see everybody.

There was a small party planned for the family. It would be the first time that Colleen met Emma and Hope. It would also be the first time that Izaiah and Colleen met their grandchildren.

07-04-18_9-41-49 PM

The family party went well. Nobody commented about Zander not being there. Izaiah already had plans to visit him while in town.

07-04-18_9-46-15 PM

Colleen almost always had one of the kids with her. They seemed to enjoy her stories about the jungle.

Everybody seemed happy to see the two of them again.

07-04-18_10-50-12 PM

Izaiah sat with Zander. He hated seeing what had become of his son.

“Why didn’t you love me as much?”

Izaiah looked at Zander and frowned. “What? I have always loved you. You are my son.”

07-04-18_10-53-36 PM

“I am your second son. Zaiden was always first. First born and first in your heart.”

Izaiah started to deny it, but realized that Zander may be right. As Colleen’s child, Zaiden did have a place in his heart that the other didn’t.

07-04-18_10-53-25 PM

“I never realized that I made you feel that way. I didn’t mean to. The only excuse I can give you is that I was trying to make up for him not having his mother like you did. I promise not to put any of you ahead of the others again.”

5 thoughts on “2:61 Now Or Never

  1. Sounds like Jacob, Leah, and Rebekah story repeating itself. Jacob was married to Leah and Rebekah. He loved Rebekah not Leah, and he favored Joseph and Benjamin over his and Leah’s sons.
    Now that Zander tells his dad how he feels maybe it will change.

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    1. Izaiah loved all of his children, but Zaiden had that special spot in his heart simply because he was Colleen’s son. He had felt pressured and trapped by Callie and Erika when they were pregnant.


    1. He is more sane than people think he is. He was right about Izaiah being alive. He was able to express his feelings about being second best to his dad. Maybe someday they will let him out.

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