2:60 Let Me Rock You To Sleep

07-04-18_10-48-59 AM

Raelyn was putting baby clothes away when her water broke. She tried calling Zaiden, but it went to voicemail. She left him a message.

07-04-18_10-49-32 AM

She couldn’t reach her parents either. She was alone and in labor three weeks early.

07-04-18_10-50-48 AM

She knew that Zaiden’s aunts lived nearby. She would walk over there and see if one of them could take her to the hospital.

She hadn’t even made it to the door and knew she wouldn’t make it. She was going to have this baby at home alone.

Zaiden had been doing a favor for Tony and didn’t get Raelyn’s message until he was back in town.

He rushed home and found his wife holding there baby in his arms.

Raelyn looked at him and smiled. “Come meet Owen.”

07-04-18_1-28-36 PM

Zaiden looked at the baby. “Owen. We have a son.”

He took the baby from her. “Our son. Owen Antonio Maynard.”

He put the baby in the bassinet then led Raelyn to the sofa.

“I am sorry I wasn’t here. Your father sent me out to a cornfield in the middle of nowhere. I would have been here if I had known.”

“Love, it’s okay. We didn’t know he would come early.”

07-04-18_1-31-30 PM

Zaiden kissed her cheek. He was glad she wasn’t upset. He was mad enough for the both of them.

“Did everything go alright? How are you?”

“Everything was fine, love. I am fine. He came fast and with very little pain.”

Zaiden was still mad at himself. He swore to himself that in the future, he would be there.

4 thoughts on “2:60 Let Me Rock You To Sleep

  1. Zaiden missed the birth of his son. He has a right to be upset. He was doing a favor for Tony.🤔 I still thing this little favors for Tony is going to get Zaiden in trouble.
    Glad everyone is okay. Owen is a nice name.

    Liked by 1 person

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