2:57 If She Only Knew

07-03-18_6-43-21 PM

Zaiden looked around the room at the things Patrick had used and played with. He missed the boy.

“We don’t have to do this right now, love.”

Zaiden picked up one of the toys. “It’s okay. The memories will be there no matter when it is done.

07-03-18_6-44-52 PM

Raelyn gave him a hug. “I miss him too. I worry about him. After what she did to you and your sisters, what could she do to him?

Zaiden had those same thoughts himself. “Hopefully he can overcome the faults of his parents and be a good man.”

He sat the toy on the dresser. “So what color did you decide on?”

“Light Grey. If we put in white furniture, we can accent it with either pink or blue later.”

“Still determined to wait?”

Raelyn nodded and smiled at her husband. “There are so few surprises left in the world. I want this to be one of the surprises we still have.”

07-03-18_6-45-51 PM

He kissed her softy. “How about the name Brady?”

Raelyn shook her head. “Too common. I was thinking Victor.”

He wrinkled his nose and shook his head. “We are having a newborn, not a 200 year old man.”

Raelyn laughed at his comment. “Hannah for a girl?”

“Nelson named his second daughter Hana.”

“It’s a good thing we still have awhile to decide on a name. It may take the rest of the time to agree.”

4 thoughts on “2:57 If She Only Knew

  1. You can name the little girl, Kaziah, 😉 that’s my real name. I like Brady, too.
    I said the same thing Raelyn said about Rowana hurting Patrick, once, because of the way she treated Zayne and his sisters.

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