2:56 Legendary Child

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After the Vasalgel had been flushed out, it did not take long for Raelyn to get pregnant. It happened almost immediately.

They called Zaiden’s parents to tell them the news. They talked about Izaiah and Colleen making a trip home once the baby was born.

“I don’t know, Dad. I would love for you and Mom to visit, but do you think it is safe?”

He talked to his dad for awhile before hanging up. He looked over at Raelyn. “Let’s go give your parents the news.”

Raelyn had heard his side of the call. “Talk to my dad, love. Maybe his men can provide protection for your parents while they are here.”

07-01-18_11-03-48 PM

After giving her parents the news, Raelyn went with her mom leaving Zaiden alone with Tony.

“I got a phone call from your father right before you arrived. He says that him and your mother are coming for a visit.”

Zaiden nodded. He was a little surprised that his father called Ton. “I am worried about their safely while they are here.”

07-01-18_10-58-04 PM

Tony could tell when they had arrived that Zaiden had been worried about something. “Your father is my dearest friend. Now that you are married to my daughter, he is part of my family. I take care of family, Zaiden. Your parents will be safe. You have my word.”

“Thank you.” Zaiden did feel a bit better about the visit.

4 thoughts on “2:56 Legendary Child

  1. Nice to see the family together again. Maybe it will work out so they can be there permanently. Hopefully before the baby is born.

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