2:78 Is It Scary/Threatened

07-30-18_3-09-41 PM

Izaiah and Colleen sat with Raelyn beside Zaiden’s bed. He had made it through surgery and they were waiting for him to wake up. The doctors said it was normal for him to still be asleep. His body had been through a lot. The sleep helped with recovery.

Izaiah was pissed. This never would have happened if Tony hadn’t put him there. This was Tony’s fault. He planned to go have a chat with his vest friend about this.

07-30-18_2-26-55 PM

Tony was about to walk into the hospital when Izaiah came out.

“You were supposed to protect him, not almost get him killed.”

“Set down and let’s talk about this.”

“I don’t want to set down, and I don’t want to talk. I want you to stop sending my son to do your dirty work. He’s done, Tony. No more.”

As much as he hated being told what to do, he understood why Izaiah was upset. “Please set down, Izaiah.”

07-30-18_2-27-55 PM

He was glad his friend listened this time. He was starting to calm down.

“First, your son is a grown man. He makes his own choices, Izaiah. He came to me looking for work not long after you had skipped town.”

07-30-18_2-28-08 PM


Tony put his hand up. “I know you had no choice, but you left behind a 16 year old boy to take care of his younger sisters. After your daughter’s surgery, Zaiden was overwhelmed. I paid the hospital bill and not once asked him for anything in return. He is the one who kept coming to me for help.”

Tony looked at his friend. “I have never given Zaiden a job where I thought he would be in any danger. Hell, I sent him to the middle of a cornfield to babysit my son when I knew something was going down. What happened last night…I honestly didn’t know. They were sent there to pick up a dollhouse for Grace.”

“You are telling me that my son was shot over a doll house? If that is true, why were the others there?”

“Have you ever seen Zaiden, Raelyn, or Owen go anywhere without their guards? Daniel has guards also. It comes with being part of the family. You and your children all have guards also.”

07-30-18_2-28-56 PM

“We do?” Izaiah shook his head. “Why have we never seen them?”

“They are supposed to blend in with everybody else. They are there when they are needed.”

“Why didn’t Zaiden’s guards do their job last night?”

“They did. They were there to get a doll house. When trouble started, they were right there. The two men who ambushed our sons are dead. Zaiden shot one of them. Five of my six men were killed.

Izaiah was no longer angry. He was more worried than anything. “Please don’t send him out anymore. I don’t want him brought back in a body bag.”

2:77 En Mi Barrio

07-27-18_11-21-29 AM

Zaiden stood beside Daniel outside the house. Something didn’t feel right.

“Are you sure this is the right place? The house is dark. I don’t think anybody is here.”

“This is the address Dad gave me. He said the stuff we are picking up would be on the back porch.”

07-27-18_11-24-01 AM

The two walked around the house to the back.

“There is nothing here, Daniel.”

“Let me call, Dad.”

Daniel was on the phone with Tony when Zaiden saw the movement at the window. He saw the gun pointed at Daniel and pushed him to the ground as the shot rang out.

07-29-18_7-42-15 PM

Tony had been talking to his son when he heard the shots. “Daniel!”

He heard a lot of yelling and more shots. Daniel wasn’t saying anything though.

“Jessie, bring me your phone. Hurry!”

Tony the line open on Daniel’s call so he could hear what was going on. He called one of the men who had gone with them to find out what was going on.

“Ambush. Several dead on both sides. We are collecting ours and getting out.”

“Daniel? Is he alright?”

“Your son is alright, Boss.”

Tony was relieved to hear that, but there was someone else who mean just as much to him.

“Is Zaiden okay?”

07-29-18_7-42-38 PM

He heard the dead silence from his man and knew.

“He took the bullet meant for your son. He pushed Daniel to the ground and was hit.”

Tony looked around for something to punch. “Dammit! You know what you need to do with him.”

Tony hung up the phone and handed it back to Jessie.

07-29-18_7-37-07 PM

Jessie looked at her husband with tears in her eyes. “I’ll go be with Raelyn and the kids.”

Tony nodded and sighed. “Tell her I will be there soon. I need to talk to Daniel first.”


Tony had forgotten about Daniel’s call still being open until he heard his son’s voice. “Daniel!”

“Zaiden is asking for Raelyn.”

“Zaiden? He’s not…”

“No, but it doesn’t look good for him, Dad. Can you have Raelyn meet us?”

Tony looked over at Jessie. “Your mother and I are heading to her house now. I will bring her myself.”

2:76 Always

07-28-18_5-21-25 PM

Zaiden got Owen off to school then checked on the baby. Once Grace had been fed and changed, he went to wake up Raelyn.

07-28-18_5-28-39 PM

He softly kissed her. “Wake up, sleepy head.”

Raelyn stretched then looked at her husband. “What time is it?”

“A little after 9.”

“Her eyes got wide as she sat up. “Owen…”

“Owen has already left for school after a very healthy breakfast. Grace has been fed and changed and has fallen back asleep.”

Raelyn tried pulling Zaiden into bed, but he shook his head. “Not this time, love. YOu have an appointment to get to.”

“I do?”

Zaiden nodded. “I made you an appointment at the spa. They are going to pamper you and spoil you like you deserve.”


“Grace will be find spending the day with her daddy.”

Raelyn kissed her husband. “You are wonderful.”

07-28-18_7-27-38 PM

Raelyn was relaxing in one of the chairs when she heard two nearby women talking.

“The woman was a prostitute who killed a poor innocent woman then faked her own death to get out of trouble.”

“She blamed all those other people, including her own parents.”

Raelyn sat listening and not saying anything. She had heard all the talk before.

“How is your husband doing?”

“He still says he is innocent and never touched any of those girls.”

“You know she probably released all those names because they turned her down. You just wait and see. Now that she is back in town there will be more arrests. Any man who refuses to fuck her will be accused.”

“You know she’s out there working the streets again. Once a whore, always a whore.”

07-28-18_7-55-04 PM

Raelyn was done listening to this shit. She stood up and looked at the women.

“You are talking about a woman you obviously do not know. If you knew her, you would know that she is an amazing wife, mother, and grandmother. She has more strength in her little finger than anybody else I know. I am proud to be able to call her my mother-in-law.” She started to walk away then stopped. “As for your husband, you may want to go get yourselves tested. Who knows what he may have taken home from the streets.”

07-28-18_10-24-34 PM

She was angry when she left. Instead of going home, she went to talk to Colleen.

“Do you know what people are saying about you?”

Colleen nodded her head. “A few people have said it to my face.”

“How can you stand it? Doesn’t it upset you?”

“How can you stand it? Doesn’t it upset you?”

07-28-18_10-24-48 PM

Colleen shook her head and smiled. “The only people who matter already know the truth. The rest just make up what they think they know in order to tell a good story.” She patted Raelyn’s hand. “People are always going to have opinions and make comments about my past. I choose not to let it bother me. I no longer live in my past. I live in my present and my future.”

Raelyn hugged her mother-in-law. “We are all so lucky to have you in our lives.”




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Casting Call

2:74 Workin’ Day And Night

07-24-18_1-59-22 PM

Izaiah was helping Zaiden with the remodel. They had decided that instead of changing the outside appearance of the house by adding onto it, they would add a basement.

They were going to move Owen’s room tot he basement and use his old room for the new baby. They were also adding a laundry room. That made Raelyn happy. She would no longer have to go to the laundromat.

Izaiah stepped back and looked at the wall he just finished painting. “Are you sure about this color?”

07-24-18_2-01-47 PM

Zaiden nodded. “It is what Owen picked out. Not a color I would pick for myself, but it’s what he wanted.”

“If it’s what he wants, who are we to judge?”

Zaiden agreed with his father. “It’s not going to stay this color forever. When he moves out, I am repainting it.”

“Don’t grow him up too fast. Enjoy him being a kid. The years go too fast as it is.”

07-24-18_2-01-54 PM

Zaiden looked over at his father. He knew that he had been born when his father was 20 years old. That made him 44 now. Still pretty young.

“Have you and Mom considered having another baby?”

“We had talked about it in South America. We decided that we are happy with the family we have.”

Zaiden was happy with that answer. “If you two change your mind, I would be okay with it.”

2:73 Lego House

07-23-18_9-57-38 PM

Zaiden looked around Owen’s room He knew it would be a bit of a squeeze, but they could put the baby in there. But what about when the baby was older? Zaiden may not mind sharing if the baby was a little brother. But what if the baby was a girl? Owen probably wouldn’t like sharing his room with a little sister.

The best solution would be to let them have separate rooms. The problem was that there was no other room they could use. They had built a wall to close off the dining room to create Owen’s room. The only option left would be to add on to the house. Adding onto the house would mean a change to the landscaping.

He decided to talk to Raelyn before making changes. For how he could take care of the one thing he had been planning to do for awhile. He was going to move the graves from the side of the house to the small family cemetery on the property.

07-23-18_10-15-05 PM

After moving the graves, he looked at the two he placed in their own little corner.

“Who are you two?”

Since he now knew that they weren’t his parents, he wanted to know who they were. They could have families somewhere wondering why they never came home. He wanted to find out who they were so he could contact the families.

He made himself a mental not to ask his Uncle Collin. Since he helped his parents fake their deaths, he may know who these two were.

2:72 Locked Out Of Heaven

07-22-18_10-28-51 PM

Raelyn couldn’t keep the smile off her face. She couldn’t wait to tell Zaiden and Owen what she had found out. She decided that dinner would be the perfect time.

She watched Zaiden cook. She enjoyed watching him. He was much better than those cooking shows that she found boring. He would talk to her while he cooked and would let her taste the food. She didn’t get that from a cooking show.

“Any chance of brownies and ice cream for desert?”

“if that is what you want, love.”

Raelyn nodded. “Chocolate brownies and peanut butter ice cream.” Her mouth was watering just thinking about it. Can we just skip dinner and go straight to desert?”

Zaiden shook his head. “My parents are coming for dinner tonight. It is Mom’s birthday.”

Raelyn had forgotten about that. “If you plan to bake her a cake, the brownies can wait until tomorrow.”

Zaiden shook his head. “She doesn’t want a cake.”

He looked at his wife and smiled. “Have I told you how beautiful you look?”

“Yes, you have.” She kissed his cheek. “I do love hearing it.”

07-22-18_11-28-49 PM

She heard the doorbell and smiled. I will get the door. You make the brownies.”

Raelyn opened the door and hugged Izaiah and Colleen. “Happy Birthday.

“Thank you, Sweetie. It has been a good one.”

07-22-18_11-32-03 PM

Zaiden came out of the kitchen and hugged his parents. “Happy Birthday, Mom. Dinner is almost ready.”

He moved out of the way as Owen came running into the room.


Colleen’s face lit up when she saw her grandson.

Zaiden watched his mother and son together. “She spoils him terribly.”

“He is her second chance.” Izaiah looked at his son. “She was never given the chance to spoil you, so she is doing it now with Owen. He is her only grandchild. She has Alana and the others, but it isn’t the same.”

07-22-18_11-33-06 PM

“She will have another one to spoil soon.”

Zaiden looked over at Raelyn. “Another one?” He looked at her still flat stomach. “You…We…We’re having a baby?”

Raelyn nodded. “We are.”

Zaiden couldn’t contain his happiness as he kissed his wife.

“I think I would like to have this one at the hospital.”

2:71 Wings

07-22-18_3-11-34 AM

Raelyn watched Owen head out the door for his first day of school. She remembered her own first day and how scared she had been. She was afraid the other kids wouldn’t like her and she wouldn’t have any friends. She had also been afraid that the other kids would be smarter than her.

Zaiden kissed his wife’s cheek. “You are worrying again.”

She nodded and sighed. “I was remember how scared I was my first day of school.”

07-22-18_3-12-46 AM

“Were you still afraid on the second day?”

Raelyn shook her head.

“Why not?

07-22-18_5-31-12 PM

“Because I met you.”

Zaiden smiled when she said that. “You met me and were no longer afraid?”

07-22-18_3-13-01 AM

Raelyn nodded. “I went home and told Daddy all about my new boyfriend and that we were going to get married. Do you remember our wedding at recess?”

“Our honeymoon was an art class if I remember correctly.”

07-22-18_6-06-57 PM

Raelyn nodded. “We drew our own wedding pictures. They are still hanging on my bedroom wall at my parents’ house.”

“And now we have our actual wedding photos on the wall.”

07-22-18_3-13-09 AM

Raelyn moved closer to Zaiden. “Our first wedding was wonderful, but I much prefer our last one.” She kissed him softly.

“Why didn’t you ever date anybody while we were in school?

“Because you weren’t available.”

2:70 Time Marches On

07-20-18_9-53-27 PM

Owen unwrapped his gifts and thanked everybody. Socks and underwear hadn’t been on his birthday wish list so he was a little sad that every gift had been either socks or underwear. Not one toy. He would have even been happy with a new book.

“There are two more gifts. These are from your grandparents.

Owen mumbled something about it probably being more socks. That was why he was surprised when he saw what his parents had.

07-20-18_11-40-08 PM

“We couldn’t decide if you should have a kitten or a puppy so we got you both.”

Owen didn’t know what to say. He had asked his parents for either a cat or dog. They had said no.

“The kitten’s name is Socks.”

Owen looked at the tiny white feet on the kitten.

“It is wearing little socks.”

07-21-18_12-04-50 AM

“The puppy’s name is Roo.”

Owen looked at the pup.”It doesn’t look like a kangaroo.”

Tony smiled at his grandson. “Roo is short for Underroos.”

“Like the underwear?” Owen thought that then looked at his parents. “That was a sneaky trick.”

2:69 The Sound Of Silence

07-20-18_2-38-21 PM

Izaiah and Zaiden went together to visit Zander. His release date was coming up and they needed to discuss what was going to happen with his housing and treatments.

They had finally found a medication combination that worked well for Zander. He was once again able to act and function like a normal, healthy human being.

They also needed to figure out what was going to happen with Zander’s daughter, Alana.

07-20-18_2-38-50 PM

Izaiah and Zaiden both had been surprised to hear about Alana. Zander had never mentioned her before during any visits with him. Zaiden did remember seeing the kid though. He just thought she belonged to a staff member who had trouble finding childcare or something.

In the end, it was decided that Alana would live with her father, Izaiah, and Colleen. Zander would still attend therapy sessions every day as an outpatient.

Zaiden was going to help his parents get their house prepared for Zander and Alana. He knew they had most of the baby-proofing done and some of the furniture. That had been done for visiting grandchildren.

07-20-18_2-40-32 PM

As they were leaving, Izaiah looked up at the sky. “I never thought I would be getting a toddler room put together at my age.”

Zaiden could understand that. “I think Mom is going to love it.”