2:53 It’s My Life

06-28-18_4-16-13 PM

Zaiden and Raelyn sat in the doctor’s office waiting to hear the test results. They had been trying for several months to have a baby, but was having no luck.

Dr. Goins looked at Raelyn. “You are fine. Everything is working as it should be.”

The doctor looked at the file before looking at Zaiden. “The Vasalgel is working exactly as it should be.”

Zaiden shook his head. “I have had a son since that was done.”

Dr. Goins looked at the file again. “The numbers at your follow up appointment were zero. The numbers now are still zero. You are not getting any sperm through.”

06-28-18_4-21-54 PM

When they left the doctors’ office, Zaiden was sore from having the Vasalgel flushed out of his dick. He was also going back and forth between angry and confused.

Had Rowana lied about her husband not being able to have children? Was there a third man? Was that man Patrick’s father?

“Are you okay, love?”

Zaiden shook his head. “Not really. I have a lot of questions in my head but no answers.”

Raelyn felt bad for her husband. She knew how much he loved Patrick. She also knew that what he was going to do had the potential to really hurt him.

7 thoughts on “2:53 It’s My Life

    1. I was actually surprised by it when it happened. I thought for sure the baby was his, but nope. She was being sneaky behind our backs. She honestly had to have gotten knocked up while I was away from the computer and just letting it play. I had missed the entire thing and didn’t see who she was “playing” with.

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  1. The witch. So, Patrick is not his son. Poor Zaiden, and he is already attach to Patrick. We all probably know of someone that has happened to, it is sad.

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