2:52 Knocked Out

06-26-18_7-17-41 PM

Zaiden looked at the number in his phone. Tony had promised him that the guy wouldn’t be killed. Zaiden was supposed to get the money that he owed Tony. If he didn’t have it, the guys that Tony is sending with him would give him a warning.

Zaiden had a feeling that the warning would result in a trip to the hospital. That was better than a funeral home.

He typed the message “Meet me at the docks in Brindleton Bay in an hour. It’s important.” He almost deleted it, but hit send instead.

06-26-18_7-37-44 PM

Zaiden had hoped he wouldn’t show up, but he there he was.

“Tony wants his money.

06-26-18_7-39-56 PM

Nelson shook his head and backed up a few steps. “I don’t have it. I need a few more days.”

Zaiden didn’t like this. This was his cousin. “He isn’t going to wait much longer, Nelson.”

“I only need a few days. I will have it. I swear.”

Zaiden wanted to believe him. “Three days. Don’t let me down, Nelson.”

06-26-18_7-42-41 PM

Zaiden walked away. He couldn’t watch what was about to happen.

As he walked away, he could hear the sounds of bones breaking followed by Nelson’s screams. He used the phone that Tony gave him to send a text to his Uncle Collin telling him where he could find Nelson.

5 thoughts on “2:52 Knocked Out

    1. Zaiden going to see Nelson was a good thing. He got the promise from Tony that Nelson wouldn’t be killed. He also made sure that Collin knew where to find him so he could get help. If Tony had sent someone else, Nelson would most likely be dead.


      1. I still don’t want Zaiden involved in Tony’s business. This is going to cause trouble between Zaiden, Nelson, and Collin. Family first.

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