2:51 Standing Outside The Fire

06-25-18_6-09-55 PM

Zaiden looked at his sleeping wife and smiled. He softly kissed her until her eyes fluttered open.

“Your father called and invited us to the house for a visit.”

“You mean Daddy kindly ordered us to visit.”

Zaiden smiled and nodded. “He was very polite about it.”

Raelyn laughed and pulled Zaiden back into bed.

“Your father…”

“Daddy can wait. I want your attention on me right now.”

06-25-18_9-29-38 PM

“Sorry we are late, Daddy. Zaiden made me breakfast in bed.”

“It’s three in the afternoon, Raelyn. Must have been some breakfast.”

“It was. Best meatballs I’ve ever eaten.”

Zaiden turned bright red thinking about how they had spent their morning.

06-25-18_6-14-18 PM

Raelyn kissed Zaiden’s cheek. “I am going to go find Mama and leave you two alone to talk.”

Tony watched his daughter leave the room. “She seems happy.”

“I sure hope she is.” Zaiden sat down in one of the chairs. “She makes me very happy.”

Tony leaned back in his chair. “You have become an important part of the family, Zaiden. You have married my only daughter. It is important to me that she is well taken care of.”

06-25-18_9-36-48 PM

“She will be, sire. You have my word.”

Tony nodded his head. “That is why I asked you to come. I like to keep my family close.”

Zaiden listened as Tony talked. He wondered if this was leading to him working for his father-in-law. He was afraid of what Tony would say or do if told no. Zaiden wasn’t willing to take the risk. He agreed to do what Tony was asking him to do.

4 thoughts on “2:51 Standing Outside The Fire

  1. No, be a man if you don’t want to work for him say, “No.” I don’t think he would force Zaiden to do something he didn’t want to do. Maybe, I am wrong.

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