2:50 Someone Else’s Dream

06-24-18_10-12-07 PM

Zaiden hugged his parents. “I will see you both again soon.”

He didn’t like seeing the tears in his mother’s eyes. He hugged her again.

“It feels like I am always saying goodbye to you.”

“We won’t be apart long. You and Dad will be home before you know it.”

She nodded and let him go. “You better get on the plane before it leaves without you.

06-24-18_11-51-13 PM

They stopped and picked up Patrick on their way home. Zaiden had enjoyed his honeymoon, but he had also missed his son.

They spent the day playing together. By the time Patrick went down for his nap, Zaiden was worn out.


06-24-18_11-54-52 PM

He collapsed onto the sofa beside Raelyn.”Are you sure you want another one around here?”

Raelyn nodded and smiled. “I want lots more. At least half a dozen.”

Zaiden thought she was nuts but smiled at her anyway.

“How about we take advantage of Patrick’s nap and start working on our first one?”

Zaiden grinned and chased her up the stairs.

5 thoughts on “2:50 Someone Else’s Dream

  1. Raelyn wants a large family. A basketball team, plus one. I am an only child and wish for a large family, myself. She’s an only child, if I remember correctly.🤔 I sure they will have fun trying. 😉
    It will sure be nice when the whole family is back together.

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    1. Raelyn has three brothers. She is the only girl. If you have read pammiechic’s story, Daniel Fortner from her last generation is one of Raelyn’s brothers. One will never be mentioned or shown in this story. The other has been mentioned and shown at the beginning of this generation.

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