2:48 Roar

06-21-18_1-37-53 PM

“Watch out for spiders. Their bites are pretty nasty.”

Izaiah and Colleen were guiding them through the jungle. It was nice not having to hire a guide. This also gave him time to get to know his mother, and for his parents to get to know Raelyn.

06-21-18_1-42-22 PM

“Are the snakes poisonous?”

“There are snakes?” Raelyn moved closer to Zaiden as her eyes darted around looking for snakes hiding in the trees around them.

“It is a rain forest, Honey.”

“Don’t worry about the snakes. They won’t bother you.”

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After a long day in the jungle, Zaiden was happy to be alone with his wife. As much as he loved spending time with his parents, this was his honeymoon. He did want some time alone with his wife.

He heard Raelyn singing in the shower and smiled. She had a beautiful voice.

He went into the bathroom and could see her outline in the shower. He removed his clothes and climbed into the shower with her.

06-21-18_2-27-36 PM

06-21-18_3-37-00 PM

Raelyn had been watching Zaiden. She was a little worried about him.

“Talk to me, love. I know you have something going on in your head.”

“I am still trying to sort it out. I am very happy to have them back in my life. I am also very angry that they left. Things could have been so different.”

06-21-18_3-37-15 PM

Raelyn knew what he was talking about. “If things were different, you wouldn’t have Patrick in your life.”

Zaiden thought about his son and smiled. That boy was the only good thing that came out of that hell.

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