2:47 See You Again

06-21-18_11-03-50 AM

Zaiden still could not believe it. His parents were alive! Now he felt terrible for not believing Zander.

06-21-18_9-26-40 AM

His mother. The only person he ever dreamed of meeting. She was setting there beside him.

06-21-18_11-01-17 AM

He looked at his dad. “Who were you fighting with at the docks? Everything thinks it was Zander and that he killed you.”

Izaiah shook his head. “It was your cousin, Dax. He found out that I was leaving and was trying to stop me.”

“Why didn’t you take us with you?”

06-21-18_11-01-23 AM

“It was safer to leave you there. I needed people to believe that I was dead. If I brought you kids it would have been suspicious.”

Zaiden could understand that.

06-21-18_11-01-39 AM

Izaiah was not very happy with his son. “Why did you take off with the girls? I had it already arranged with your uncle that him and Shawna would take custody of you. They were going to move into the apartment with the three of you.”

“I didn’t know.” He wished that he had known. It could have saved them from all the issues with Rowana.

“You were gone before Collin could tell you. When they found you, it was too late. You were already with that woman.”

Zaiden looked at his mother. “You two knew about her?”

Colleen nodded. “Collin gave us frequent updates.”

“He knew you two were here?”

Izaiah nodded. “He visits frequently. He is the person who helped us both get away.”

“So did you know about Mom then?”

Izaiah shook his head. “I truly thought that she was dead.”

“You know about Callie?”

“Yes. Collin told me. I saw Zander while he was here. He says that it wasn’t him. He didn’t kill her or start the fire. I believe him.”

Zaiden wasn’t sure what to believe about Zander. His brother had lost his mind. That was clear in his last few visits with him.

06-21-18_11-02-02 AM

“What about Callie and Erika?”

Izaiah sighed and looked down at his hands. “I am sorry for what I did to both of them.”

“You married both of them, Dad.”

Izaiah shook his head. “I never married either of them. They were both pressuring me for marriage. I never wanted to marry again. I gave both women the ceremony and let them use my name, but they were all to make the women happy. There was never a marriage license for either of them.”

“It was still wrong, Dad.”

“I know. After your mother, I just couldn’t see myself making that commitment to anyone else.”

8 thoughts on “2:47 See You Again

  1. I just knew his dad was still alive, however I never thought about his mom still being alive. I actually thought Zander’s mom was still alive. Maybe she is, who knows. I still do not believe Zander killed her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a load of RUBBISH. I couldn’t make a commitment? Pshhh. Nope, I’m not having his bull excuses, he’s still an ass hat but an ass hat with an incredibly adorable son who I LOVE SO MUCH

    Liked by 1 person

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