2:45 Now or Never

06-18-18_7-54-33 PM

The house was finished. His mother’s ring was in his pocket. Raelyn was on her way over.

Zaiden had talked to Tony the day before and let him know that he planned to ask Raelyn to marry him.

After being told what would happen if he ever hurt Raelyn, Tony gave his blessing and welcomed him to the family.

06-18-18_6-13-13 PM

He was waiting at the edge of the yard for her and smiled when he saw her.

He took her hand in his and led her around the yard so she could see the work he did.

06-18-18_6-15-25 PM

“It looks so beautiful, Zaiden. You did a great jo…” She stopped when she saw the fountain. “Oh, Zaiden.” She turned to thank him for the fountain and found him on his knee. “Zaiden?”

06-18-18_6-18-00 PM

“Raelyn, I love you. When you helped me with the house, it was not just my house. It was the house that I hope to share with you and our children. That is, if you will marry me.”

Raelyn was so surprised. She had no clue that he had been planning this. She didn’t really need to think about her answer. She used to decorate the pages of her diary with “Mrs. Raelyn Maynard.”

She nodded her head before she said anything. “Yes. Yes! YES!”

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