2:44 Right Here Waiting For You

06-18-18_4-21-02 PM

Zaiden worked on getting the flowers planted. The landscaping was all he had left then the house would be completely finished.

He got the last flower planted in the ground then smiled. “I hope you three like the flowers I planted for you. I worked hard on them, so please don’t use any spirit mojo or spirit voodoo to kill them.”

06-18-18_4-21-45 PM

He moved on to getting the fountain set up. Raelyn had seen it at the garden shop and loved it. He went back after he took her home and bought it as a surprise for her.

The fountain wasn’t as easy to install as he thought it would be. He realized after the second leak that he should have hired someone to do it.

He didn’t give up though. He got the fountain running with no leaks. He was proud of himself.

06-18-18_4-22-06 PM

He moved the bench into place then sat down for a break. He looked around the yard and smiled. It was looking good. The only thing left was the toys for Patrick and the children that he hoped to have in the future. There was time to do that later. Patrick wasn’t ready for that yet.

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