2:43 No Doubt About It

06-16-18_8-42-53 PM

Zaiden took Raelyn with him to pick out the new kitchen counters. He wanted her to take part in the decision since he was hoping she would be living with him soon.

Zaiden had found his mother’s ring and planned to use it when he proposed to Raelyn. He just wanted the house finished first.

06-16-18_8-43-02 PM

“What about this one?”

Zaiden shook his head. “The counter top is alright, but the cabinets are too dark.”

06-16-18_8-42-47 PM

They looked around a bit more and didn’t find anything they liked. They ended up ordering custom cabinets.

The problem with custom cabinets is that they took longer to be installed. That pushed Zaiden’s plans back a bit also. He had waited this long, he could wait a little longer.

“Do you want to pick out the tile for the back splash while we are here?”

Zaiden nodded. “The shower also. I can work on the bathroom while waiting for the cabinets.”

06-16-18_8-41-35 PM

After everything was ordered and the delivery date and time confirmed, they headed home.

“I hooked the TV up today. Would you like to stay for a movie?”

“I can stay for awhile, but I cannot guarantee I would be watching the movie.”

“We can do something else if you want.”

Raelyn shook her head and smiled. “For someone with a kid, you are slow picking up signals.”

6 thoughts on “2:43 No Doubt About It

  1. I love Raelyn and Zaiden together. Yes Raelyn, Zaiden is a little slow at picking up signals. He will be popping the question before long.

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