2:42 My Side Of Town

06-16-18_10-47-10 PM

Zaiden was just getting ready to paint the kitchen when Emma and Hope arrived to surprise him.

“Where’s the munchkin?”

“With Max. I didn’t think the paint fumes would be very healthy for growing lungs.”

06-16-18_10-48-41 PM

Zaiden agreed with Emma. It was why he was trying to get the painting done while Patrick was with Rowana.

“We came to help paint and to talk to you.”

06-16-18_10-48-49 PM

Zaiden opened the paint cans and handed the girls paint brushes. “Which one of you is pregnant?”

“Neither of us. Are you?”

“Of course not!” Zaiden looked at his two sisters. “What is going on girls?”

Hope looked at her brother. “Ross and I eloped. We are married now.”

“Rowana signed the consent form.”

“Hope nodded. I think she was glad to be free of us.”

06-16-18_10-57-03 PM

Zaiden frowned hearing that. He hoped she wasn’t planning to take off with Patrick.

He sent a quick text to Tony asking him to watch her.

The three of them worked together on the painting and finished the entire downstairs.

4 thoughts on “2:42 My Side Of Town

  1. Hope it works out for Hope and Ross. Zaiden is worry, so that is not a good sign. Does he know Ross well enough, is it just a bad vibe, or it is him being protective of his baby sister?

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