2:41 Mrs. Right

06-14-18_5-56-16 AM

Zaiden pulled a small table and two chairs out of the mess stored upstairs. He found some candles and nice dishes.

Raelyn was coming for dinner. He wanted it to be nice.

06-14-18_5-58-01 AM

He had just finished cooking when she arrived. “Perfect timing. Dinner just finished.”

Raelyn followed him inside. “I hope you are desert. I’m starving.”

“Well I made…” Once he realized what she had said he stopped talking and smiled. “I think there could be a change in the desert menu.”

06-14-18_5-59-12 AM

He held the chair for her as she sat down. “Your father told me that your favorite food is spaghetti.”

“I love all pasta. Daddy says that pasta sauce runs in our veins. I guess it’s the Italian in us.”

“I enjoy all food. My step-mother was an amazing cook. I used to help her a lot.”

“She did a great job. This spaghetti is amazing. Did you make the pasta sauce yourself?”

Zaiden nodded. “Boxed pasta has no flavor. Canned pasta sauces are full of nasty unhealthy stuff.”

06-14-18_5-59-31 AM

Raelyn was actually surprised by Zaiden’s response. I never would have thought that you were this fancy chef. Are you planning to go to culinary school?”

Zaiden shook his head. “My priorities right now are getting this house finished and being a good father to my son. I was lucky enough that my father left a nice bank account. This house was my first purchase from the account.”

Raelyn looked around. “It is very cozy.”

Zaiden wasn’t sure that was how he would describe it. “It was my parents house when they were married. I am remodeling it. The last owners didn’t take very good care of it. It needs a lot of work done.”

“I can help you if you want.”

Zaiden nodded and smiled. “I would like that.”

6 thoughts on “2:41 Mrs. Right

    1. They are really cute together. I can’t wait to see their kids. 🙂 And Tony does love Zaiden. He’s the son of his best friend and now the man his daughter is in love with. 🙂


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