2:39 Let’s Play House

06-12-18_6-04-01 PM

Zaiden looked around his new home. He knew that this was the house his parents lived in after they were married. This was also where he spent the beginning of his life. First with his father, then with that judge that murdered his mother.

Now it was his home again.

He had all of his things in the upstairs bedroom for now. He planned to remodel the house starting with the downstairs.

06-12-18_6-37-28 PM

Zaiden locked up the house and walked over to his aunt’s house. His Aunt Paisley was at work, but his Aunt Diana was home and happy to see him.

“We heard that you bought your parents’ old house. You didn’t bring that woman with you, did you?”

06-12-18_6-40-04 PM

Zaiden shook his head. “The only connection I still have to her is Patrick. She has gone back to her husband.”

Diana was happy to hear that. “How is the baby?”

“He is doing great. I can’t wait to bring him here.”

06-12-18_6-40-23 PM

Diana was glad to see her nephew so happy. “Will you be getting custody of him?”

“Joint custody. They have him this week. I will have him next week.”

06-12-18_6-38-30 PM

“I hope things go well for you, Zaiden. If you need anything, we are here for you.”

He gave his aunt a hug. “Thank you.”

4 thoughts on “2:39 Let’s Play House

  1. I don’t see how a judge would allow joint custody to a rapist. He should press charges against her Rowana and have her put in jail. If he did the child may grow up to hate him. Look what she did to him and his sisters. She gave his sister drugs and verbal abused them. Who to say she want do it to her own son.

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