2:37 Impossible Dreams

06-02-18_7-05-10 PM

After finding out the truth about why Hope moved out, Zaiden was confused. He still planned to leave, but he was afraid to leave before the baby was born. He was afraid that she would disappear with the baby.

He wasn’t happy in that house, but he didn’t trust her.

He looked at the graves of his father, mother, and grandmother. He had come here hoping to find some peace of mind.”

“I am sorry that I have fucked things up. I wish I knew what to do.”

06-02-18_7-06-19 PM

Since the house seemed to be empty, Zaiden spent most of the day there just talking to the graves.

“Emma and Hope are both happy now. I guess that is one good thing. I wish it wasn’t the only one. Can one of you please give me some sign of what I should do? Any sign would be helpful.”

06-02-18_7-19-00 PM

As Zaiden was leaving, he noticed the sign in the yard. He couldn’t help smiling. “Thanks, you guys. I know what to do.”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and called the number on the sign.

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