2:35 (I Can’t Make It) Another Day

06-02-18_3-17-48 PM

Zaiden sat with Tony talking. He knew that if anybody could help him, it would be Tony.

Unfortunately Tony told him to stay put.

“Wait until your sister moves out. Then apply for custody of the baby. I have a lawyer that I will set you up with.

As much as Zaiden hated having to stay in that house with that woman, he knows Tony’s right. He needed to stay with Hope.

06-02-18_3-18-24 PM

Zaiden sighed and nodded. “How do I deal with Rowana? Every time I see her I just want to…”

“I understand, Zaiden. Just try to put up with her for now. If it gets too bad, you are always welcome here. I know my daughter enjoys seeing you.”

Zaiden smiled when he thought about Raelyn. “I enjoy seeing her too.”

06-02-18_3-18-12 PM

Tony saw the change on Zaiden’s face at the mention of his daughter. “Is there something between you and my daughter?”

Zaiden shook his head. “We are friends. One of the only friends that I have.”

Tony leaned back in his chair. “Friends are good. You need to get your life straightened out before you get involved with anyone else.”

Zaiden couldn’t agree with him more.

2 thoughts on “2:35 (I Can’t Make It) Another Day

  1. Tony is right Zaiden does need to get everything straighten out before getting romantically involved with anyone. I hate that he and Hope can not just leave.
    I see a romantic relationship with Tony’s daughter coming. Right now Zaiden just needs a friend who will stand by him.
    I still worry a little about Tony, too. He is or was in the mob if I remember correctly.

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    1. Tony is a “mobster” but he thinks of Zaiden and his siblings as if they were his own children. Izaiah was one of Tony’s best friends so Tony looks out for his kids.

      Liked by 2 people

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