2:33 Everything’s Changed

06-01-18_7-02-36 PM

Even thought his feelings about Rowana hadn’t changed, he was starting to get excited about the baby. He was going to be a father. He couldn’t change that. He finally decided to accept it.

Zaiden had decided to work on the nursery. Hope was helping him.

He stepped back and looked at the wall. “Which color do you think?”

Hope looked at the colors that Zaiden had put on the wall. “The yellow is nice. It’s not too bright which is good.”

Zaiden had been leaning toward the green, but the yellow wasn’t bad. “With some other colors on the furniture that yellow could look great.”

06-01-18_7-13-42 PM

The two of them spent the day working on the nursery. It was coming out better than Zaiden had expected.

“If I was still a baby, I would like this room.”

“If you were still a baby, you wouldn’t be having a baby.”

Zaiden looked at Hope and smiled. “Very true, Wise One.”

Hope rolled her eyes. “I swear you say some of the dumbest things.”

Zaiden attempted to give her his best stern dad look. “Those are not nice words. I don’t think you are making good choices.”

Hope couldn’t hold back the laugh. “You are stupid.”

Zaiden stuck his tongue out at her. “You are being a meanie head.”

That just made them both laugh.

06-01-18_7-37-37 PM

After they both calmed down, Zaiden picked up the paintbrush again. “Let’s get this finished.”

“I think Rowana will be very pleased with the room.”

Zaiden stopped working for a moment. “I am not doing this for Rowana. I am doing this for the baby.”

Hope looked at her brother and noticed that he no longer looked happy. “What did she do to make you hate her so much?”

Zaiden had planned to never tell the girls what he had found out in court, but he knew that they would need to know at some point.

Zaiden told her everything.

06-01-18_7-41-03 PM

When he was finished, Hope just stood there thinking about everything. “So Tony found proof that she only took us in for the money?”

Zaiden nodded. “Since she knew that she would lose control of the account as soon as I was legal age, she got herself knocked up.”

“She knew that you would never abandon the baby.” She shook her head as if trying to clear it. “You can’t stay here, Zaiden. You have to get away from her. She is toxic.”

Zaiden gave his sister a little grin. “I am already working on that.”

5 thoughts on “2:33 Everything’s Changed

  1. So that is why Rowana did all of this for the money. Such a Bwitch. Her plan does make sense. She gets pregnant, Zaiden will not leave her because he wants to make sure the baby is safe. If he leaves he will have to pay her child support. The only thing left to do is press charges against Rowana for rape. Zaiden is scare to do that because he thinks he may lose is sister and baby. I can’t wait for her to get what she deserves.

    Liked by 1 person

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