2:30 Big Love

05-28-18_4-38-25 PM

Zaiden gave his sister a big hug. He had used visiting her as an excuse to get out of the house.

“We brought a few things for you and the baby.”

05-28-18_4-38-43 PM

Emma looked at the stack of boxes and smiled. “You didn’t have to do that. I am glad you two are here thought.”

Hope was also glad to be there. She was beginning to hate being at home. Here Zaiden looked happy.

“Max and I have decided to get married. It will be just a small wedding. Very small. I want both of you there.”

Zaiden was happy for his sister. He could see that she was truly happy.

“It is tomorrow at the church. Please don’t bring that woman with you.”

“We’ll be there.” Zaiden hugged his sister. “Without the wicked witch.”

05-28-18_6-19-50 PM

“I got an interesting phone call today while you and Hope were out.” Rowana sat down beside Zaiden. “I am sure you can imagine my surprise when I got the call from the court house asking me if I give my consent for Emma to get married.”

Zaiden frowned hearing what she said. “Why would you have to give consent?”

“Because she is legally my teenage daughter.”

“Did you give consent?”

Rowana nodded. “I went and signed the papers.”

“Thank you.”

05-28-18_6-20-35 PM

“I do want Emma to be happy, Zaiden. I have a gift for her. Since I will be busy tomorrow, could you give it to her for me?”

Zaiden nodded his head and took the small box from her.

“She can use it as her something old. It has been in the family for many generations. My mother gave it to me when I got married.

Zaiden looked at her too surprised to say anything.

4 thoughts on “2:30 Big Love

  1. Wonder what the gift is and why she is any giving her anything?
    Rowana doesn’t do anything nice, unless their is something in it for her. Is it a nice gift or away to control them all?

    Liked by 1 person

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