2:28 Angel of Mine

05-28-18_1-07-21 PM

Zaiden sat with Rowana at her doctor appointment. He needed to know if she really was pregnant.

He was really hoping she wasn’t. This situation was already fucked up enough without a baby being involved.

05-28-18_1-08-17 PM

They both looked up at the doctor when she came in.


Zaiden felt like a brick wall had just collapsed onto him. He was never going to be free of her.

05-28-18_1-37-45 PM

When they left the doctor’s office, they had an envelope that contained the gender of the baby. Rowana had decided that she wanted a gender reveal party, so they didn’t find out yet. Zaiden just wanted to wake up from this nightmare.

“Earth to Zaiden. What are you thinking about, Darling?”

Zaiden shook his head. “Nothing you need to worry about.”

“Who should we invite to the party?”

Zaiden shrugged. He didn’t even want a party. He was still disgusted by this whole thing.

“We’ll definitely have to have Emma, your aunt, and your uncle there. Is there anybody else you want to invite?”

“Just one person. I’ll take care of his invite.” Zaiden was hoping that after seeing how fucked up the situation was, he could help him find a way free from it.

05-28-18_1-39-22 PM

Once at home, Zaiden called his Aunt Diana. He told her about the baby and the party.

“Oh, Zaiden. I really wish you would have come to me or your uncle after we lost your father.”

“So do I, Aunt Di. I just wanted to stay with Emma and Hope.”

“I understand. We would have worked something out. I will be there. I will talk to your uncle.”

After hanging up he made another call.

4 thoughts on “2:28 Angel of Mine

  1. Just curious, where is Rowana’s husband? I will if that is who Zaiden is calling. Does her husband know about the baby? Is he okay with it? Did they plan it together? Or is he going to be totally surprised? Just wondering.

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