2:54 Is This Real

06-29-18_1-02-37 AM

Raelyn handed Zaiden the envelope from the lab. After their doctor appointment, they had picked up Patrick from Rowana for their usual time with him.

They had the paternity test done without Rowana knowing. Now, a few weeks later, the results were sealed in the envelope that Zaiden was holding.

06-29-18_1-02-47 AM

“Are you sure you want to know, love?”

Zaiden shook his head. “I don’t, but if I don’t, I will always wonder.”

Raelyn watched him as he read the letter from the lab.

Zaiden read it twice then sat it on the table.

06-29-18_1-03-55 AM

Raelyn saw the tears in Zaiden’s eyes. She wrapped her arms around him to comfort him. “I’m sorry, love.”

“I’m going to lose him. She won’t let me see him.”

Raelyn knew how much Zaiden loved the boy. It was breaking her heart to see him so upset. “She knows that you love Patrick. Maybe if you talk to her…”

Zaiden shrugged. “I can try, but I won’t hold my breath.”

06-29-18_1-03-32 AM

Raelyn took his hand and pulled him toward the door. “Let’s go talk to Daddy. Maybe he has an idea that will help.”

Zaiden didn’t know how Tony or anybody could help with this, but he went anyway.

2:53 It’s My Life

06-28-18_4-16-13 PM

Zaiden and Raelyn sat in the doctor’s office waiting to hear the test results. They had been trying for several months to have a baby, but was having no luck.

Dr. Goins looked at Raelyn. “You are fine. Everything is working as it should be.”

The doctor looked at the file before looking at Zaiden. “The Vasalgel is working exactly as it should be.”

Zaiden shook his head. “I have had a son since that was done.”

Dr. Goins looked at the file again. “The numbers at your follow up appointment were zero. The numbers now are still zero. You are not getting any sperm through.”

06-28-18_4-21-54 PM

When they left the doctors’ office, Zaiden was sore from having the Vasalgel flushed out of his dick. He was also going back and forth between angry and confused.

Had Rowana lied about her husband not being able to have children? Was there a third man? Was that man Patrick’s father?

“Are you okay, love?”

Zaiden shook his head. “Not really. I have a lot of questions in my head but no answers.”

Raelyn felt bad for her husband. She knew how much he loved Patrick. She also knew that what he was going to do had the potential to really hurt him.

2:52 Knocked Out

06-26-18_7-17-41 PM

Zaiden looked at the number in his phone. Tony had promised him that the guy wouldn’t be killed. Zaiden was supposed to get the money that he owed Tony. If he didn’t have it, the guys that Tony is sending with him would give him a warning.

Zaiden had a feeling that the warning would result in a trip to the hospital. That was better than a funeral home.

He typed the message “Meet me at the docks in Brindleton Bay in an hour. It’s important.” He almost deleted it, but hit send instead.

06-26-18_7-37-44 PM

Zaiden had hoped he wouldn’t show up, but he there he was.

“Tony wants his money.

06-26-18_7-39-56 PM

Nelson shook his head and backed up a few steps. “I don’t have it. I need a few more days.”

Zaiden didn’t like this. This was his cousin. “He isn’t going to wait much longer, Nelson.”

“I only need a few days. I will have it. I swear.”

Zaiden wanted to believe him. “Three days. Don’t let me down, Nelson.”

06-26-18_7-42-41 PM

Zaiden walked away. He couldn’t watch what was about to happen.

As he walked away, he could hear the sounds of bones breaking followed by Nelson’s screams. He used the phone that Tony gave him to send a text to his Uncle Collin telling him where he could find Nelson.

2:51 Standing Outside The Fire

06-25-18_6-09-55 PM

Zaiden looked at his sleeping wife and smiled. He softly kissed her until her eyes fluttered open.

“Your father called and invited us to the house for a visit.”

“You mean Daddy kindly ordered us to visit.”

Zaiden smiled and nodded. “He was very polite about it.”

Raelyn laughed and pulled Zaiden back into bed.

“Your father…”

“Daddy can wait. I want your attention on me right now.”

06-25-18_9-29-38 PM

“Sorry we are late, Daddy. Zaiden made me breakfast in bed.”

“It’s three in the afternoon, Raelyn. Must have been some breakfast.”

“It was. Best meatballs I’ve ever eaten.”

Zaiden turned bright red thinking about how they had spent their morning.

06-25-18_6-14-18 PM

Raelyn kissed Zaiden’s cheek. “I am going to go find Mama and leave you two alone to talk.”

Tony watched his daughter leave the room. “She seems happy.”

“I sure hope she is.” Zaiden sat down in one of the chairs. “She makes me very happy.”

Tony leaned back in his chair. “You have become an important part of the family, Zaiden. You have married my only daughter. It is important to me that she is well taken care of.”

06-25-18_9-36-48 PM

“She will be, sire. You have my word.”

Tony nodded his head. “That is why I asked you to come. I like to keep my family close.”

Zaiden listened as Tony talked. He wondered if this was leading to him working for his father-in-law. He was afraid of what Tony would say or do if told no. Zaiden wasn’t willing to take the risk. He agreed to do what Tony was asking him to do.

2:50 Someone Else’s Dream

06-24-18_10-12-07 PM

Zaiden hugged his parents. “I will see you both again soon.”

He didn’t like seeing the tears in his mother’s eyes. He hugged her again.

“It feels like I am always saying goodbye to you.”

“We won’t be apart long. You and Dad will be home before you know it.”

She nodded and let him go. “You better get on the plane before it leaves without you.

06-24-18_11-51-13 PM

They stopped and picked up Patrick on their way home. Zaiden had enjoyed his honeymoon, but he had also missed his son.

They spent the day playing together. By the time Patrick went down for his nap, Zaiden was worn out.


06-24-18_11-54-52 PM

He collapsed onto the sofa beside Raelyn.”Are you sure you want another one around here?”

Raelyn nodded and smiled. “I want lots more. At least half a dozen.”

Zaiden thought she was nuts but smiled at her anyway.

“How about we take advantage of Patrick’s nap and start working on our first one?”

Zaiden grinned and chased her up the stairs.

2:49 Smooth Criminal

06-24-18_1-23-26 PM

Zaiden and Raelyn sat in the cantina with Izaiah and Colleen. They were talking about the people they were hiding from.

“It’s okay, Mom.” Zaiden could see that his mother was uncomfortable with the conversation. “I have read the diaries. They only made me love and respect you more.”

06-24-18_1-24-09 PM

“There were a lot of names listed. Do you know who it was that ordered the hit?”

Izaiah shook his head.

“I know that my father has been trying to figure it out. He has already eliminated some of the names from the list.”

Zaiden was happy to hear that. “When we get home, we will talk to your father.”

06-24-18_1-24-19 PM

Colleen was worried about Zaiden getting involved in this. “Promise me that you will be very careful. I don’t want you to miss your son growing up like I did.”

Zaiden could see the worry in his mother’s eyes.”I will be careful. I promise. We will have you and Dad back home soon.”

Colleen smiled just thinking about going home. “I would love that. I can’t wait to meet your sisters and my grandson.”

06-24-18_1-45-00 PM

“There’s something I still don’t understand. You said that Uncle Collin helped you get away and come here. How did he do that? You were supposed to be executed.”

Colleen nodded and sighed as she thought about it. “I knew nothing about what he was doing. I remember being strapped to the table and the IV being put in my arm. I remember feeling sleepy. I thought that was going to be it. I was prepared for that to be it. Next thing I knew, I woke up here.” She shrugged. “When I asked your uncle about it, he said that after he found out what was truly happening, he talked to the doctor that was administering the drugs. They switched the lethal stuff for something that would put me to sleep and just make me seem to be dead. It slowed my heart rate enough that the coroner couldn’t detect a pulse. Collin had a friend who worked in the morgue who managed to switch my living body with that of a woman who had died of a drug overdose. The woman looked close enough to me that nobody questioned it.”

Zaiden sat listening to his mother, amazed that his uncle had managed to pull this off. It was type of shit you would see in a movie.

“Collin was here when I woke up. He told me what was going on and that if I truly loved my husband and my son, that I would let them believe I was dead. I knew that if it was possible to convince a judge to do what she did, then it was safer for me to stay here and let everybody else move on without me. I thought about you and your father every day. I missed you both so much that some days I couldn’t get out of bed. It hurt that much to not be with the two of you.”

Zaiden covered his mother’s hand with his.

“You aren’t without us any more, Mom.”

06-24-18_1-50-00 PM

2:48 Roar

06-21-18_1-37-53 PM

“Watch out for spiders. Their bites are pretty nasty.”

Izaiah and Colleen were guiding them through the jungle. It was nice not having to hire a guide. This also gave him time to get to know his mother, and for his parents to get to know Raelyn.

06-21-18_1-42-22 PM

“Are the snakes poisonous?”

“There are snakes?” Raelyn moved closer to Zaiden as her eyes darted around looking for snakes hiding in the trees around them.

“It is a rain forest, Honey.”

“Don’t worry about the snakes. They won’t bother you.”

06-21-18_1-44-24 PM06-21-18_1-47-21 PM06-21-18_1-48-13 PM06-21-18_1-48-22 PM06-21-18_1-48-48 PM06-21-18_1-51-46 PM06-21-18_1-53-18 PM

After a long day in the jungle, Zaiden was happy to be alone with his wife. As much as he loved spending time with his parents, this was his honeymoon. He did want some time alone with his wife.

He heard Raelyn singing in the shower and smiled. She had a beautiful voice.

He went into the bathroom and could see her outline in the shower. He removed his clothes and climbed into the shower with her.

06-21-18_2-27-36 PM

06-21-18_3-37-00 PM

Raelyn had been watching Zaiden. She was a little worried about him.

“Talk to me, love. I know you have something going on in your head.”

“I am still trying to sort it out. I am very happy to have them back in my life. I am also very angry that they left. Things could have been so different.”

06-21-18_3-37-15 PM

Raelyn knew what he was talking about. “If things were different, you wouldn’t have Patrick in your life.”

Zaiden thought about his son and smiled. That boy was the only good thing that came out of that hell.

2:47 See You Again

06-21-18_11-03-50 AM

Zaiden still could not believe it. His parents were alive! Now he felt terrible for not believing Zander.

06-21-18_9-26-40 AM

His mother. The only person he ever dreamed of meeting. She was setting there beside him.

06-21-18_11-01-17 AM

He looked at his dad. “Who were you fighting with at the docks? Everything thinks it was Zander and that he killed you.”

Izaiah shook his head. “It was your cousin, Dax. He found out that I was leaving and was trying to stop me.”

“Why didn’t you take us with you?”

06-21-18_11-01-23 AM

“It was safer to leave you there. I needed people to believe that I was dead. If I brought you kids it would have been suspicious.”

Zaiden could understand that.

06-21-18_11-01-39 AM

Izaiah was not very happy with his son. “Why did you take off with the girls? I had it already arranged with your uncle that him and Shawna would take custody of you. They were going to move into the apartment with the three of you.”

“I didn’t know.” He wished that he had known. It could have saved them from all the issues with Rowana.

“You were gone before Collin could tell you. When they found you, it was too late. You were already with that woman.”

Zaiden looked at his mother. “You two knew about her?”

Colleen nodded. “Collin gave us frequent updates.”

“He knew you two were here?”

Izaiah nodded. “He visits frequently. He is the person who helped us both get away.”

“So did you know about Mom then?”

Izaiah shook his head. “I truly thought that she was dead.”

“You know about Callie?”

“Yes. Collin told me. I saw Zander while he was here. He says that it wasn’t him. He didn’t kill her or start the fire. I believe him.”

Zaiden wasn’t sure what to believe about Zander. His brother had lost his mind. That was clear in his last few visits with him.

06-21-18_11-02-02 AM

“What about Callie and Erika?”

Izaiah sighed and looked down at his hands. “I am sorry for what I did to both of them.”

“You married both of them, Dad.”

Izaiah shook his head. “I never married either of them. They were both pressuring me for marriage. I never wanted to marry again. I gave both women the ceremony and let them use my name, but they were all to make the women happy. There was never a marriage license for either of them.”

“It was still wrong, Dad.”

“I know. After your mother, I just couldn’t see myself making that commitment to anyone else.”

2:45 Now or Never

06-18-18_7-54-33 PM

The house was finished. His mother’s ring was in his pocket. Raelyn was on her way over.

Zaiden had talked to Tony the day before and let him know that he planned to ask Raelyn to marry him.

After being told what would happen if he ever hurt Raelyn, Tony gave his blessing and welcomed him to the family.

06-18-18_6-13-13 PM

He was waiting at the edge of the yard for her and smiled when he saw her.

He took her hand in his and led her around the yard so she could see the work he did.

06-18-18_6-15-25 PM

“It looks so beautiful, Zaiden. You did a great jo…” She stopped when she saw the fountain. “Oh, Zaiden.” She turned to thank him for the fountain and found him on his knee. “Zaiden?”

06-18-18_6-18-00 PM

“Raelyn, I love you. When you helped me with the house, it was not just my house. It was the house that I hope to share with you and our children. That is, if you will marry me.”

Raelyn was so surprised. She had no clue that he had been planning this. She didn’t really need to think about her answer. She used to decorate the pages of her diary with “Mrs. Raelyn Maynard.”

She nodded her head before she said anything. “Yes. Yes! YES!”