2:23 Suit & Tie

05-26-18_11-11-46 PM

Zaiden sat at the table with Hope and Rowana. It was Hope’s birthday. They had already blown out the candles on the cake.

Rowana handed Hope a small box. “Happy birthday, Hope.”

Hope was still mad at Rowana. She thanked the woman as she opened the box. As soon as she saw the set of car keys all anger was gone.

“The car is in the parking garage. You have your own spot.”

Hope jumped out of her seat and hugged Rowana. “Thank you! This is so cool!”

Zaiden watched the two of them. He knew Rowana was trying to buy Hope’s love. The car was one way to do that.

“I can’t wait to show my friends.”

Zaiden smiled at his sister. “Go ahead and invite your friends over. We can have a small party.”

Hope looked at Rowana and saw her nod of agreement.

She gave them both big hugs. “Thank you both so much.”

05-27-18_9-00-03 AM

After finding out that Emma had gotten pregnant at her own birthday party, Zaiden kept a close watch on Hope’s party. He didn’t let his sister out of his sight.

He was enjoying herself. She only had a few friends, but that was okay. They were a close group who supported each other. That was what counted.

05-27-18_9-01-57 AM

Zaiden smiled as he watched Hope and her friends. They seemed to be having fun.

He thought about his old friends and how much he missed them.

Zander was still in the asylum so he rarely saw him.

His cousins were always busy with sports and whoever they were dating at the time. He only saw them at school.

Anne and Liberty still refused to talk to him. He missed hanging out with them.

Raelyn was the only person who actually still talked to him. She asked him to hang out with her several times. He hated having to turn her down. He really did like her, but he was trapped with Rowana for now.

If Rowana truly was pregnant, he was going to be trapped with her for life.


9 thoughts on “2:23 Suit & Tie

  1. I hope she is not pregnant. If she is maybe she will be arrested for child molesting. The witch.
    Keep a close eye on that baby sister Zaiden, and keep her safe.

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