2:21 Quality Time

05-26-18_4-36-57 PM

Zaiden had needed out of the house. He was still angry with Rowana about the way she had handled things with Emma.

He watched Hope play with some of the other kids. There was no way that he was going to leave without Hope. He didn’t trust her.

He knew that if he left and took Hope with him, Rowana would tell the police that he had kidnapped the girl. Then he would be in really big trouble.

The only choice he really had was to wait until his birthday then file for custody of Hope himself.

The judge should give him custody. He was the blood relative. Rowana was just the woman they lived with. The fact that she was sleeping with a 17 year old didn’t look good for her, did it?

How could a judge allow Hope to stay with a woman like Rowana?

05-26-18_4-38-28 PM

It was starting to get late, but Zaiden wasn’t ready to go home yet.

“Come on, Emma. Let’s go get dinner before we go home.”

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