2:19 Purple Rain

Collin decided to get out of San Myshuno for awhile. Since his wedding anniversary was coming up, he decided to take Shawna on the trip with him.

He was supposed to meet with a guy in South America about some ancient artifacts that he was trying to sell.

Since the business had dissolved, Collin had started selling off the family’s assets. The bills were piling up, yet no income was coming in. The only thing left was to sell what he could.

05-22-18_10-10-21 AM

He looked at all the luggage Shawna had at the door waiting to be loaded into the car. “You can’t take all of that.”

“Darling, you said we will be there for a week. I am only taking what I need.”

05-22-18_10-30-38 AM

He shook his head. “You need to squeeze everything you need into half a suitcase and one carry-on bag.”

“I can’t possibly fit…”

“Shawna, I am not discussing this with you again.”

“I don’t know why you had to go and sell the family jet. Traveling with it was so much nicer than… I can’t even say it. Just thinking about it gives me hives.”

05-22-18_10-30-52 AM

“It’s called coach, Shawna. Get used to saying it because it is our life now.

“This isn’t the life I married into.”

05-22-18_10-30-31 AM

Collin turned and looked at her. “This isn’t the life that I was born into either, but thanks to our son, this is what we have now.”

“Stop blaming him for this, Collin. He was trying to take care of his wife and baby.”

05-22-18_10-29-48 AM

“The thousands of employees at the company were also trying to take care of their families. They managed to do it without stealing thousands of dollars and bankrupting the company. He is very lucky that he did not end up in prison for embezzlement.”

Shawna signed and started going through the luggage seeing what she could leave behind.

05-22-18_10-30-16 AM

She put down the dress she was holding and hugged her husband. “I know you are doing everything you can to provide for us. I am sorry I am being so difficult.”

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