2:17 Not A Moment Too Soon

05-20-18_8-47-25 PM

Zaiden was walking down the hall and accidentally kicked Emma’s backpack. He was grumbling about it being in the middle of the hall as he stuffed her things back into it. He saw the pill bottle and frowned.

He looked at the label. “Adderall?”

Why would Emma be taking ADHD medication? He looked at the label again.

“Who is Esmeralda Phebus?”

05-20-18_8-58-26 PM

He found his sister watching TV with Rowana.

“Emma, what are these?”

Emma looked at him briefly. “Just something to help me get through all the testing.”

“Where did you get them?”

05-20-18_9-01-23 PM

“Rowana gave them to me.”

“Emma, go do your homework please. I would like to speak to Rowana alone.”

05-20-18_9-01-42 PM

As soon as Emma was out of the room, Zaiden turned on Rowana. “Why in the hell are you giving her medication that belongs to someone else?”

“As she already told you, to help her get through her exams. It is harmless.”

05-20-18_9-02-37 PM

“It’s not harmless. There are side effects to this medication. It is very dangerous to give it to someone who doesn’t need it.”

05-20-18_9-27-39 PM

“But she does need it, Zaiden.” She tried calming him down the only way she knew how. “She needs it to pass her exams.” She kissed his cheek. “She needs it as much as I need you. She can’t pass her exams without the pills. I can’t have a baby without you.”

Zaiden pushed her away from him. “Those two things have nothing to do with each other. I already told you that I am not ready to be a father, so get that idea out of your head. And stop supplying my sisters with drugs they don’t need.”

05-20-18_9-26-33 PM

Rowana started to laugh. “You say that as if you have a choice in either. You follow my wishes or you all can go into the system. Do you think you will stay together?”

5 thoughts on “2:17 Not A Moment Too Soon

  1. Nope…not liking her at all….he needs to run far, far away. Sadly, he is stuck. I think she knows there is money somewhere and that’s why she wants a baby with him, to get at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rowena’s day is coming. I just wrote a chapter that the Rowan’s haters will love. It won’t post for awhile though. Still several chapters before it.


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