2:16 A Nightmare On My Street



04-24-18_10-32-57 PM

Zaiden got a very surprising phone call. It was from the asylum where Zander was being kept. Zander was asking to see him.

Zaiden was waiting in the visitor’s room when his brother came in.

04-24-18_10-33-39 PM

Zander looked terrible. He was still in his pajamas and slippers. His hair was a mess.

Zaiden hugged his brother.

“They called and said that you wanted to talk to me.”

04-24-18_10-33-53 PM04-24-18_10-34-19 PM

Zander nodded as they both sat down. “Dad is alive. I saw him.”

Zaiden frowned. “You are wrong, Zander. Dad died a long time ago.”

04-24-18_10-35-26 PM

Zander shook his head. “He is alive. I saw him. I saw him in the jungle.

Zaiden called for one of the nurses. Zander was getting upset and needed to be calmed down.

04-24-18_10-35-44 PM

“I swear, Zaiden. I saw him. He was at the bar.”

Zaiden knew it was impossible. He wishes his father was alive, but he couldn’t be.

Zaiden watched as Zander was taken back to his room.

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