2:14 Dilemma

04-24-18_1-20-46 PM

Zaiden was fixing dinner when Emma came home. She had finally decided to learn to drive and was taking lessons at the local driving school.

04-24-18_1-21-55 PM

Hi, Squirt. How was class? Did they teach you how to use the blinker today?”

“We had a bit of a problem today.”

04-24-18_1-22-14 PM

Zaiden looked at his sister and saw that she looked a bit scared. He put the knife down and wiped off his hands.

04-24-18_1-23-58 PM

He sat down beside his sister. “What happened? Was there an accident? Is everybody alright?”

“Everybody is fine. There as no accident.

“What happened?”

04-24-18_1-24-25 PM

“We were followed today.”

Zaiden frowned as he listened to her.

04-24-18_12-27-41 PM

“I know I have seen the car before. I just can’t remember where.”

Zaiden listened to Emma describe the car and what happened.

04-24-18_12-18-21 PM

“The car was setting outside the school. It followed us when we left. Mr. Randall had me drive to the police station. He called them when we were on the way. The cops were waiting for us and followed the car when it drove off.”

He was glad she had a driving instructor that knew what to do.

He watched Emma head to her room to do her homework.

04-24-18_1-54-48 PM

Zaiden pulled out his phone and called Tony. It was time to end any searches and just let the cops handle it. It was getting too dangerous. The risks to his sisters were too high.

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