2:13 Double Trouble

04-22-18_11-31-42 AM

Zaiden wasn’t expecting the text message asking him to meet at the food cart. She must have gotten the number off Anne’s phone.

04-22-18_11-40-09 AM

He saw her waiting for him.

“Hello, Mrs. Jameson.”

“Hello, Zaiden. Please set down. I would like to talk to you.”

04-22-18_11-40-56 AM

Zaiden sat down with her. “Is this about Anne?”

Jolene shook her head. “Not directly. It is about something she overheard.”

04-22-18_11-43-43 AM

Zaiden wasn’t sure how much he wanted to hear a secondhand story, but he was going to indulge the woman only because she was Anne’s mother and had been kind to him.

“Someone knows about the search for your father’s killer. Threats have been made against you and your sisters.”

04-22-18_11-43-53 AM

Zaiden was confused. “I’m not search…”


Jolene stopped him. “I do not know or want to know anything more than what I just told you. If it is not you, then my suggestion would be to find out who it is and get them to stop searching. You are a good kid, Zaiden. I would hate to see anything happen to you.”

04-22-18_11-54-58 AM

Zaiden nodded. He watched Jolene walk away.

He pulled out his phone and called his uncle. He told him about the conversation with Jolene. He said that as much as he would love to know who killed Izaiah, he was leaving the detective work to the police department.

Zaiden hung up the phone trying to think of who it could be. He knew his aunt wasn’t doing it. She would have told him when he saw her at Callie’s funeral. Diana seemed to believe that Zander had killed their father. Zaiden had to admit that it was possible. He had killed his mother, so why couldn’t he have also killed his father?

Somebody didn’t seem to be settling on Zander being the one. Someone was still looking for the truth.

There was one other person that Zaiden thought it could be.

04-22-18_1-35-59 PM

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