2:12 Dangerous


Zaiden read the article again just to make sure that he had read it right.

Callie was dead.

Zander was arrested for setting the house on fire. The police had already contacted Zaiden to let him know.

Zander had killed his own mother.

04-22-18_9-13-03 AM

Zaiden thought about his visit with Callie. She must have talked to Zander like she said she would.

“He killed her because she talked to him.”

“What’s that, Dear?”

04-22-18_9-14-59 AM

Zaiden handed Rowana the tablet so she could read the article. “They arrested Zander.”

“Oh no! That is terrible! Why would he kill his mother?”

04-22-18_9-15-12 AM

Zaiden had a good idea why. “He has been really angry since Dad died. He even yelled at Hope the other day for no reason. I went to talk to Callie about him yesterday. I guess that upset him.

04-22-18_9-15-21 AM

Rowana covered Zaiden’s hand with hers. “You shouldn’t blame yourself for what he did. You didn’t know that he would react this way.”

“If I hadn’t talked to her…”

04-22-18_9-16-51 AM

“He would have done it anyway. Zander is a very angry young man. The article said that he is in custody. Maybe they can get him the help he needs.”

Zaiden wanted to argue that his brother wasn’t crazy, but thought about the way he had acted a few days earlier.

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