2:11 The Devil Went Down To Georgia

After a night of not being able to sleep, Zaiden decided to go talk to Callie.

He smiled when he saw her and gave her a big hug. He had missed her a lot.

“Zaiden! It is so nice to see you. How are the girls?”

“They are doing good.” Zaiden told her about Emma’s party and about the problems Hope had at school.

04-19-18_12-55-58 PM

“Zander said that he saw you yesterday.”

Zaiden nodded and frowned a bit. He is why I am here.”

“He’s not home right now if you came to see him.”

04-19-18_12-57-18 PM

Zaiden shook his head. “I came to talk to you about him.”

“What did he do this time?”

“He brought Hope an old baby rattle for her birthday. After she thanked him for the gift, he got angry and started yelling curse words at her.”

“When I finally got him away from her, he sat by himself mumbling and talking to himself. Then he just got up and left without a word to any of us.”

Callie listened to everything Zaiden was saying. She had noticed the changes in her son also.

“He hasn’t been the same since your father died. He has been coming home from school and locking himself in his room. He only comes out to eat then locks himself back in his room.”

Zaiden hated what his brother was turning into. “I will try to talk to him tomorrow at school.”

Callie shook her head. “I’ll talk to him when he gets home. He should be home soon. He ran to the store to get things for a school project.”

Zaiden hugged Callie before leaving. He was trying to figure out what project Zander had to work on. None of the teachers at school had assigned any projects.


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