2:10 Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Zaiden sat by the pool watching his sisters swimming nearby. He smiled as he remembered Hope’s dance the night before. They both had enjoyed themselves. He was glad that he was able to step in to fill the role their father had left vacant.

They chatted while they swam. Rowana wasn’t home so it was just the three of them.

“How about a movie?”

The girls both agreed on the condition that they could pick the movie. He agreed as long as it was age appropriate.

Zaiden made popcorn in case the girls wanted it during the movie.

04-15-18_1-10-50 PM

Zaiden tucked Hope in and kissed her forehead. The girl had worn herself out.

It had been a day full of swimming, movies, games, makeovers, dancing, singing, and just hanging out together.

He heard Rowana come in as he was leaving the girls’ room.

04-15-18_1-14-18 PM

“I have a dinner plate saved for you. Do you want me to warm it for you?”

“No thank you. I had dinner already. I do appreciate the thought though. ” She kissed Zaiden’s cheek.” How as your day with the girls?”

“It was a good day. It was nice being able to hang out with them and talk.”

“I’m glad that you all had a good day.”

“Zander stopped by for a bit. He brought Hope a late birthday gift.”

04-15-18_1-16-16 PM

“He is such a nice boy. I am glad he came to see all of you.” Rowana looked at Zaiden and smiled. “He is welcome to visit any time. I would hate for your brother not to visit.”

Zaiden wasn’t really listening to Rowana. He was thinking about the strange visit from his brother.

4 thoughts on “2:10 Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

  1. I am wondering what Rowena is up to, also. Why is Zander coming by to see them all if a sudden? He ignores his brother at school and is rather rude. What is he up to?

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