2:9 Don’t Laugh At Me

04-14-18_2-09-48 PM

Zaiden was sitting on Hope’s bed trying to get her to talk to him. He hugged her until she stopped crying.

“What’s wrong, Hope?”

04-14-18_2-06-45 PM

She shook her head not wanting to talk about it. Zaiden had his suspicions. This wasn’t the first time she had come home from school crying.

He decided to just talk to her and see if that would get her to tell him what was wrong.

04-14-18_2-06-01 PM

“Did I ever tell you about the fight I got into at school when I was your age?” He waited until she shook her head before going on. “A boy in my class was saying bad things about my mom, so I punched him. I got in trouble at school, but Dad understood why I did it. He still grounded me though.”

Zaiden looked at his little sister. “You know you can talk to me about anything, right?”

04-14-18_2-11-10 PM

She nodded. “Why do kids have to be so mean to others?”

He wished he knew how to answer her question. “There are many reasons they are like that. Are they being mean to you?”

04-14-18_2-11-48 PM

He frowned when she nodded. “They picked on me because I have no parents. They always tell me that I can’t do any of the fun stuff since I don’t have a mommy or a daddy to sign the permission slips.”

04-14-18_2-11-55 PM

Zaiden shook his head. “They are wrong. Rowana can sign those for you. You can still participate in everything that the other kids can.”

Hope looked up at him. “Not everything Rowana can’t go to the Father and Daughter dance with me.”

04-14-18_2-12-14 PM

She had a point there. He smiled though. “Rowana can’t, but I can. I would be honored to go with you. All of those Daddy’s will be so jealous, because I will have the prettiest little girl as my date.”

04-14-18_2-12-18 PM

The smile she gave him made it all better.

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