2:8 A Different Party

04-07-18_12-06-36 PM

Zaiden looked at the cake that he had made for Emma. Things were so different from a few months earlier when he struggled to find a gift for Hope’s birthday.

Now they were living in San Myshuno again. He didn’t have to worry about money, and he still hadn’t touched his father’s account.

Rowana had a very nice apartment. She took care of all the bills. She also had enrolled all three of them back in school. Thankfully they hadn’t been out too long. Catching up wasn’t too hard.

04-07-18_12-08-03 PM

He heard Rowana come in. She has been out picking up Emma’s birthday gift. They had decided on a computer for her. It was something that she could use for school and afterwards.

Rowana had considered getting Emma a car, but Emma doesn’t like to drive. She preferred walking everywhere.

04-07-18_12-09-47 PM

He heard his sisters talking as they came in the door.

“Emma? What time are your friends coming over?”

“In a couple hours.” Emma hugged Rowana. “Thank you for letting me invite them over.”

“Every girl should have a party on her birthday.” Rowana smiled at the girl. “Your birthday gift is in your room. Zaiden will help you with it.”

Zaiden watched his sisters both run to the bedroom to see what the gift was. He smiled when he heard the happy squeals.

04-07-18_2-42-18 PM

Zaiden spent the evening keeping an eye on his sister and her friends.

He didn’t remember his friends being this noisey when they visited.

He thought about the days when they were all kids. That was before everything changed. His dad was still alive. Callie and Zander still lived with them. Liberty and Anne were still his friends.

School was weird now. Anne still wouldn’t talk to him. Liberty took Anne’s side and also wouldn’t talk to him. Zander was always coming up with excuses not to hang out with him. Since Nicholas was dating Liberty, they no longer hung out with Zaiden.

Zaiden couldn’t remember ever feeling so alone. He looked at Emma and her friends and smiled. He wasn’t alone.

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