2:7 Bad

04-01-18_2-14-36 PM

Tony was looking at the information that a few of his men had brought to him. They had gotten some information from one of the fishermen at the docks.

04-01-18_2-17-31 PM

“Who doesn’t have a damn cell phone these days? We have a witness to what happened at the docks, and he doesn’t have a cell phone?”

Tony looked at his men. “Bring me the fishermen.”

04-01-18_2-23-07 PM

A few hours later, one of his men was back. “Boss, the fisherman is gone, sir.”

“What do you mean gone?”

04-01-18_2-23-16 PM

“Well, sir, his boat has gone out to sea. One of the other fishermen said they are usually out there months at a time.”

Tony didn’t want to wait months, but it seemed that he had no choice. “Find out when it is supposed to be back. I want someone at the docks in case it returns early.”

04-01-18_2-26-57 PM

“Yes, sir. I’ll put Tonny at the docks. His father was a fisherman. He should fit in with…”

04-01-18_2-27-02 PM

“Don’t set here talking about it. Go get it done.”

“Yes sir.”

Tony shook his head as the guy left. “I am surrounded by idiots.”

Tony called Zaiden. Normally he would have waited until he had more information but that could be months.

“Come to the house. We need to talk.”


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