2:5 Lil’ Brother

03-25-18_5-53-17 PM

Zaiden was working in his garden when he saw her. She was staying in one of the other cabins. She was there alone.

03-25-18_5-55-03 PM

He watched her for several seconds before going back to work. He was surprised when he felt the tap on his shoulder.

04-01-18_10-34-59 AM

“Hello, Ma’am. Is there something that I can help you with?”

“Rowana. Ma’am makes me feel so hold.”

“Yes, ma’…I mean Rowana.”

04-01-18_10-35-12 AM

“You sure are a cutie. What is your name, young man?”

04-01-18_10-36-13 AM

Zaiden and the girls have been using their middle names. It made it harder to be found, he thought. They were also using his mother’s maiden name.


04-01-18_10-36-48 AM

Well, Andy I sure do hope to see more of you while I am here.”

He wasn’t sure what to say, so just nodded as she walked away.

04-01-18_10-42-03 AM

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