2:4 Birthday Girl

03-24-18_6-16-37 PM

It was Hope’s birthday. He knew what he wanted to get her, but knew that if he managed to find one in his price range, he would be very lucky.

He headed to the tech shop and sighed when he saw all the people there. It wasn’t the amount of people that bothered him. It was the fact that Raelynn and her brother were both there. He had forgotten that he worked at the shop. It was also the fact that Anne was there with her mother and little brother. This could get pretty bad. Especially if they saw him there.

He snuck around the store to the back where the tablets were. That was what he was there for.

03-24-18_6-20-32 PM

Zaiden looked at the different tablet options in front of him. He wanted to get Hope one for her birthday. The problem was that they all cost a lot more than the amount he had budgeted for.

He knew that Hope could really use one of these tablets. She could use it to do homework and play games.

He knew that he could use the money in his dad’s account, but he was still hesitant to use that. Knowing where the money came from still bothered him. He had decided not to use it unless it was an emergency. Getting Hope a birthday gift was not an emergency.

He looked around and saw that nobody was watching. He picked up one of the tablets and looked around again. It would be so easy to just walk out with it.

He put the tablet back down and left. He would find something for his sister. Something he didn’t have to steal.

03-24-18_11-40-54 PM

Zaiden had made Hope a cake. He had also gotten her an outfit at the second hand store. The shirt was missing a few buttons, but he was certain he could fix that.

03-25-18_2-57-30 PM

He looked at his little sister when she came into the room.

“There’s the birthday girl. I was starting to think you had forgotten what day it was.”

03-25-18_3-01-43 PM

Hope rolled her eyes then looked at her brother. “Thank you for making me a cake. It has strawberries on it like I wanted, right?”

Zaiden nodded. “It sure does. I had to go all around the camp ground to find a strawberry bush that the birds hadn’t pecked all the strawberries off of.”

03-25-18_3-03-35 PM

Hope gave Zaiden a hug. “You are a great big brother.”

That made Zaiden happy to hear. He knew that they didn’t have much, but they at least had each other. That was what mattered. He would always make sure they had each other.

03-25-18_3-03-51 PM

He listened to Hope while she told him a story about a bear and a chipmunk being best friends.

4 thoughts on “2:4 Birthday Girl

  1. He is going to have that emergency soon I’m afraid. I was so sure he was going to steel the tablet. I was like, okay, how’s that different than using your father’s money? So glad he has resisted so far, but one day…when one of his siblings need something, he won’t.

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