2:3 Beggin For Thread

Zaiden looked at the hospital bills and knew that there was no way he could pay them on the little amount he was making at the camp ground. He was going to have to find another job.

He wanted something that would allow him to still work at the campground. He he quit that job, they would lose the cabin. He could not afford an apartment or house for all three of them.

03-23-18_11-33-47 PM

Zaiden remembered his dad’s friend, Tony. His dad had done some work for Tony from time to time. He had no clue what the work was, but maybe it was something that Zaiden could help with.

03-22-18_7-21-47 PM

“Hi, Zaiden. We miss you at school.”

Zaiden looked at Raelynn. She was the reason that Anne had broken up with him. Well, she was, yet she wasn’t. It was Anne’s irrational jealously about a school project that Zaiden had been assigned to work with Raelynn on that had caused it. But that was another life. Zaiden had bigger things to worry about now.

He followed Tony inside where they could talk.

03-22-18_7-43-46 PM

Zaiden checked the text he got from Emma and was glad it wasn’t any emergency. It was just her letting him know that she had fixed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for herself and Hope for lunch.

03-22-18_7-44-16 PM

Tony waited for him to send a message back to whoever it was that had texted him.

“Please set down, Zaiden.”

03-23-18_11-26-05 PM

Tony sat looking across the desk at Zaiden. “You know, I had helped your father in his search for you?”

Zaiden nodded. “Thank you for that. I am glad that I was able to have time with him before…” He couldn’t finish. He missed his father and talking about him still hurt.

Tony looked at Zaiden. He knew the kid did not know the truth about what happened. He knew that the kid needed to know. It was too dangerous for him not to know.

“Zaiden, have you read your mother’s diaries?”

03-23-18_11-26-54 PM

“The ones that dad published?” He shook his head. “Dad said that there were things written in them that a person should never know about their mother.”

Tony nodded. “I agree with your father about that. However, in this case, I think you should read them. Your parents died because of what was written in them.”

Zaiden knew about his mother’s death. Not all of the details, but enough. What Tony said caught him off guard.”

“The cops said that Dad was killed during a mugging.”

03-23-18_11-33-12 PM

Tony shook  his head. “It wasn’t a mugging. It was made to look like one.”

Zaiden looked at Tony a bit confused. “What do you mean? Someone wanted to kill my dad?”

Tony nodded. “It was a planned hit. Your father knew about it months before it happened.”

“Why would somebody want to kill my dad?”

“For the same reason they had your mother killed. They knew too much.”

“Knew too much?” Zaiden was trying to process everything that Tony had told him.

03-23-18_11-33-29 PM

“Read the diaries, Zaiden. Protect yourself and your sisters.”

Zaiden looked at Tony a bit worried. “Do you think someone would go after the girls?”

Tony nodded. “If they think that you know too much, they could go after the girls to get to you. I won’t let that happen. Your father was a dear friend of mine. I owe it to him to ensure his children are safe.”

Zaiden wasn’t too sure about that. Tony didn’t protect his father.

03-23-18_11-28-03 PM

“If you call the hospital, you will find that your sister’s medical expenses have been taken care of. I owed your father for some work he had done for me.”

Tony slid something across the desk to Zaiden. “That will give you access to your father’s bank account.”

Zaiden took the envelope, but wasn’t sure about using it. From the way the conversation had gone, the money in that account was only there because of something that killed his parents. He didn’t want anything to do with that.

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