2.1 American Honky-Tonk Bar Association

03-17-18_3-20-26 PM

Zaiden knew that he would not be allowed to raise the girls himself. He was only 16. If Children Services came, they would all be taken somewhere. Probably to that horrible orphanage. He refused to go back there. He wasn’t going to let Emma and Hope be taken there either.

03-17-18_3-26-04 PM

He packed up what they would need for themselves and the two cats. He put Catastrophy and Sprig into pet carriers.  He walked around the house making sure they would have everything they would need. Everything else would stay here and he would get it when he could.

03-17-18_3-27-10 PM

He looked at the picture of his parents that still hung over his bed. He really wished they were both still here. He took the picture down and put it in one of the bags to go with them.

03-17-18_3-29-21 PM

As soon as the car was loaded, he got the girls and cats into the car and they all left.

Zaiden would find a part time job. Since he wasn’t going to be able to return to school without Children Services finding him, he may even be able to find full time work.

He could teach the girls at home until he was old enough to be their guardian. Emma could watch Hope while he was at work.

They had their dad’s old tent. Maybe they could find a campground or something where they could stay. If not, they had the car. They could live in the car if they had to. He had heard that some homeless people do that. They were homeless now, weren’t they?

03-17-18_5-23-46 PM

Zaiden got them checked in to the campground. He had seen a flier on the board. The camp ground was looking for someone to help keep the grass mowed and other minor maintenance things. They offered one of the cabins as partial payment.

03-17-18_5-27-11 PM

Zaiden helped get the girls and cats settled in. The cabin was much better than the car or a tent. The job did not pay much, but it gave them a place to live and a little money for food. And it got them away from the bear that seemed to want to eat Catastrophy.

It wasn’t the large expensive home that they were used to, but they were together and they would make it work.

6 thoughts on “2.1 American Honky-Tonk Bar Association

  1. Sad, I ranaway when I was 10. I wanted to go back to my foster parents home where I felt safe and love.
    I sure his aunt is stepmom would let them stay with them.

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