1:33 Happy Birthday To You

03-14-18_5-18-23 PM

Izaiah looked at his son and sighed. It was his birthday, and Izaiah could not believe how much the boy had grown. He was 16 years old now. A high school student. He sure hoped that time would go slower for the girls. He was not ready for them to grow up yet.

03-14-18_5-18-31 PM

“Dad, can I invite a few friends over for a small party.”

“Only a few. I don’t want a lot of kids here.””

“Just the usual group. I promise.

Izaiah was alright with that. Zaiden had a good group of friends.

03-14-18_5-18-41 PM

“There is something we need to talk about first though.” Izaiah knew it was time for this chat with Zaiden. He had been expecting it for awhile now, but was not looking forward to it. “I know you’ve been dating Anne for a few months now.”

Zaiden covered his face. “Are you really wanting to have THAT talk?”

“Set down, Zaiden.”

03-14-18_5-20-42 PM

Zaiden went along with what his father asked, even though he really did not need to have this talk.

“We can start by you telling me what you already know.”

“Dad, they have this class at school. I learned all about sex two years ago.”

03-14-18_5-21-07 PM

“Two years ago you did not have a girlfriend. Things are different now.”

“I’m pretty sure things are still done the same way, Dad.”

“That’s what I mean, Zaiden. I want you to know that I trust you to make the right decisions. I was your age once also. I was dating your mother then. I know the feelings you may be having when you are with Anne. I understand.”

03-14-18_5-22-05 PM

“Dad! I really do not want to hear about you and Mom. Not your sex life at least. That’s just…eww.”

Zaiden couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. “I just want to make sure that you are staying safe. I can’t stop you from having sex, but I do want to know that you are protecting yourself and your partner.”

03-14-18_5-23-10 PM

Zaiden understood where his father was coming from with all of this talk now. “Dad, I promise that Anne and I are not having sex. If it gets to that point, I will make sure we use protection. I know the risks of unprotected sex.”

Izaiah was happy to hear that.

“Dad, if it will ease you mind any, I have heard of something called Vasalgel. I would be willing to try it.”

That was something that Izaiah had never heard of before. “I will do some research on it and see what it is about, then we can talk about it again and make a decision.”

Zaiden nodded and stood up. “I’m going to Skype the gang and invite them to come over.”

03-14-18_5-19-43 PM

Izaiah nodded and got up. “Your brother should be here in a few minutes. You don’t need to send him the message. He called this morning.”

03-14-18_5-56-16 PM

Izaiah was happy to see Zander. Only seeing him on the weekends really sucked.

He let the boy get changed for swimming then sat and talked to him a bit to catch up on his week.

03-14-18_5-55-22 PM

Zaiden found Anne on the basketball court and smiled.

“Hi, Beautiful.”

She blushed but kissed his cheek. “Happy Birthday, Zaiden.”

“It is a very happy one now that you are here.”

03-14-18_5-54-53 PM

“You are such a big flirt.” She giggled and pulled her hands away from him. “Where is everybody?”

“Liberty is grounded and can’t come. The twins are upstairs in the pool. Zander is changing then will be joining us.”

“I’m going to change, then I’ll be up. You go up and keep the twins company.”

03-14-18_5-51-21 PM03-14-18_5-51-00 PM

The one thing that Zaiden will remember about his sixteenth birthday was hanging out with his best friends. He hoped that the gang would always stay close like this.

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