1:32 Supermarket Flowers

03-12-18_7-00-27 PM

Izaiah was helping Zaiden and Emma with a school project when his brother called.

“Are you with anybody right now?”

“Just the kids. We are building a volcano.”

03-12-18_7-11-04 PM

“Diana is on her way to your hosue. I am leaving here now and will probably get there about the same time. Send the kids to their rooms or something when we get there.”

“Okay. I can do that. Do you mind cluing me in on why you both are coming over? Did I forget my birthday again?”

“We’ll talk when I get there.” Collin hung up before Izaiah could question him more.

03-12-18_7-11-35 PM

Izaiah looked at the kids. “Your Uncle Collin and Aunt Diana are coming over for a bit. I need you all to be in your rooms playing. Zaiden, you may play in the girls’ room with them if you want.”

Zaiden shook his head. “I have a book report due Friday. I am almost finished with the book. I bet I could finish it tonight.”

Izaiah nodded then looked at the girls. “Emma, could you please keep Hope in your room for me? I will give her a bath after your aunt and uncle leave.”

Emma nodded. “Okay, Daddy. We will play with the doll house.”

Izaiah smiled at the kids. They were all great kids.

03-12-18_8-14-21 PM

Once Collin and Diana arrived, Izaiah let them inside. Nelson had driven his father over, but was not staying.

“Let’s go set down somewhere. Someplace where the kids won’t be able to listen.”

Izaiah was really curious what this was about. Collin wasn’t acting like his normal self and that was worrying Izaiah a bit.

03-12-18_8-24-40 PM

“We can go upstairs to the family room. The kids are in their rooms right now. They won’t be able to hear anything up there.”

Izaiah led his brother and sister upstairs. “Make yourselves comfortable.”

03-12-18_8-25-56 PM

Once they were all seated on the sofa, Collin let them know why he wanted to talk to them both.

“We lost Mom today.”

Izaiah wasn’t sure he had heard correctly. Diana was surprised.

“She laid down for a nap and never woke up.”

Of all of the things that Izaiah had expected Collin to want to talk about, the death of their mother was not on the list.

When they got word that their father had died in prison, Izaiah felt almost nothing. After what that bastard had done to Colleen, Izaiah had lost all love for the man.

His mother…his feelings for his mother were strong. He loved her, and now Collin was telling them that she was gone.

03-12-18_8-26-27 PM

“Are you alright, Izaiah?”

For the first time in their lives, Collin was showing concern for Izaiah. He knew that his brother had recently had another loss in his life with Erika and the twins deaths, and with Callie leaving with Zander. He was actually worried about his brother.

Izaiah nodded even though he wasn’t sure if he would ever truly be alright again.

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